• CA Company Recruiting Paid Protesters Against TrumpCA Company Recruiting Paid Protesters Against Trump
    Donald Trump may have a point about paid protesters: Job ads running in more than 20 cities offer $2,500 per month for agitators to demonstrate at this week’s presidential inauguration events. Demand Protest, a San Francisco company that bills itself as the “largest private grassroots support organization in the United States,” posted identical ads Jan. […]

World News

  • Nigerian Military Accidentally Bombs Refugee SiteNigerian Military Accidentally Bombs Refugee Site
    At least 46 “severely injured” people remain in a refugee camp that Nigeria’s military says it mistakenly bombed and they need urgent evacuation, the International Committee for the Red Cross said Wednesday. “Patients are attended to in an open-air space in a precarious environment,” the aid group’s statement said, raising the possibility that the death […]

U.S. News

  • Trump Haters Attack Mentally Disabled ManTrump Haters Attack Mentally Disabled Man
    RepublishReprint Chicago police say they are considering hate crime charges against four people shown in a Facebook video attacking a mentally disabled man, cutting his scalp with a knife and punching him while yelling obscenities about Donald Trump and “white people.” Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Thursday morning that charges are expected soon. Guglielmi says […]

Tellus Digest

  • Chilean Navy Video Shows UFO CropdusterChilean Navy Video Shows UFO Cropduster
    Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (CEFAA), a Chilean government agency within the civil aeronautics directorate (the DGAC, roughly equivalent to the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration) released a video taken by a Navy helicopter of a mysterious craft in 2014. The remarkable footage was captured by two naval officers on a helicopter-mounted Wescam […]

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  • Year 2016 Warmest on RecordYear 2016 Warmest on Record
    After 12 months of heat waves, wildfires, and severe storms around the world, it’s official: 2016 was the warmest year on record. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced Wednesday that Earth’s average surface temperature last year was 58.69 degrees F., the highest since worldwide record-keeping began in 1880. This also makes 2016 the third year […]


  • Apple Releases First Artificial Intelligence PaperApple Releases First Artificial Intelligence Paper
    Apple has published its first research paper, which focuses on artificial intelligence. Specifically, the paper discusses methods for the improvement of the recognition of computer vision systems. The publication of the paper marks a new direction for Apple, as it has been traditionally secretive with its research. Apple’s Artificial Intelligence Research Paper Explained The first […]


  • Alec Baldwin to Join Michael Moore in NYC Inauguration ProtestAlec Baldwin to Join Michael Moore in NYC Inauguration Protest
    Alec Baldwin will be standing outside Trump Hotel in New York City the night before the inauguration, and it won’t be a “Saturday Night Live” skit. The actor, who portrays President-elect Donald Trump on “SNL,” which again prompted Trump to trash the show on Twitter following Saturday’s show — will join Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo […]

Featured Stories

  • Paul Ryan Says Forced Deportations ‘Not Happening’Paul Ryan Says Forced Deportations ‘Not Happening’
    House Speaker Paul D. Ryan walked a delicate line on the issue of immigration — one considerably more delicate than President-elect Donald Trump’s — during a nationally televised town hall meeting hosted by CNN on Thursday. Confronted by an undocumented Oklahoma woman, who is protected from deportation under an Obama administration program, Ryan (R-Wis.) said […]
  • Heavy Rains Collapse Iconic Sequoia Tunnel TreeHeavy Rains Collapse Iconic Sequoia Tunnel Tree
    A powerful winter storm in California has brought down an ancient tree, carved into a living tunnel more than 135 years ago. The “Pioneer Cabin” sequoia, in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, saw horses and cars pass through it over the years. More recently, only hikers were allowed to walk through the massive tree. Over […]
  • Zombies Would Erase Humanity in 100 DaysZombies Would Erase Humanity in 100 Days
    The zombie apocalypse won’t take long. A new article in a peer-reviewed student journal finds that the zombie hordes would take Earth’s population down to a mere 273 survivors in 100 days. The paper, published in the University of Leicester’s Journal of Physics Special Topics, was a fanciful use of the so-called SIR model, which […]
  • Public Funded Transgender Reassignment Surgery BlockedPublic Funded Transgender Reassignment Surgery Blocked
    The Texas Attorney General won a nationwide preliminary injunction to block a new Obamacare mandate requiring taxpayers to fund transgender reassignment surgeries and abortions. The new rule which defines “sex” as a state of mind was scheduled to take effect January 1, 2017. On Saturday, a federal district court judge granted Texas Attorney General Ken […]
  • Dawning of New Age in Republican PartyDawning of New Age in Republican Party
    Just before House Republicans re-elected Paul Ryan as their speaker, the Wisconsin Republican made a bold proclamation. “Welcome to the dawn of a new unified Republican government,” Ryan told reporters one week after Election Day. “This will be a government focused on turning President-elect Trump’s victory into real progress for the American people.” Ryan continued: […]
  • The Democrats’ Destructive Politics of RighteousnessThe Democrats’ Destructive Politics of Righteousness
    Whether out of anger or of angst, Bill Clinton spoke from the core of Democratic Party presumption when he told a Westchester County, N.Y., journalist recently that Donald Trump “doesn’t know much” but does know “how to get angry white males to vote for him.” After all, this was supposed to be the Republicans‘ season […]

About Tellus

  • Manifesto: What Tellus is AboutManifesto: What Tellus is About
    Our goal is to create a venue where content contributors can publish high quality, professionally edited, and well documented articles on trending news stories, while leaving room for the kind of in-depth exploratory articles that will cast light on stories that are being manipulated by the mainstream media. The Tellus Corporate Model Tellus News Digest is […]

Tellus In Depth

  • Trump Row with Spy Agencies Called DangerousTrump Row with Spy Agencies Called Dangerous
    The conflict between President-elect Donald Trump and the U.S. intelligence community could have profound repercussions. We spoke recently about the issue to Matthew Olsen, who spent two decades working in senior posts in intelligence and national security for Democrat and Republican administrations. Olsen, 54, served most recently (from 2011 to 2014) as director of the […]


  • San Diego Chargers Move to L.A. FinalizedSan Diego Chargers Move to L.A. Finalized
    Rest in peace, San Diego Chargers. After 56 years, you’re about to move to Los Angeles. The announcement was made Thursday morning. “San Diego has been our home for 56 years. It will always be part of our identity and, my family and I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the support and passion […]


  • Breath Analyzer Can Detect Parkinson’s, CancerBreath Analyzer Can Detect Parkinson’s, Cancer
    This article originally was published on the International Business Times. Scientists have developed experimental breath analyzers, but most of these devices only focused on a single type of disease, such as cancer. Now, researchers from the Israel Institute of Technology have created a device that can identify 17 different diseases, including lung cancer or Parkinson’s […]


  • Actress Betty White Turns 95Actress Betty White Turns 95
    In honor of Betty White’s birthday, here are five things you may not know about The Golden Girls star: White was born in 1922, before sliced bread, ballpoint pens and bubble gum. White originally auditioned to play Blanche on The Golden Girls. She swapped roles with co-star Rue McClanahan in the casting process.  White married three times, […]


  • Europe’s Debt Crisis Widens InequalityEurope’s Debt Crisis Widens Inequality
    Europe’s debt crisis has hit the poor harder than the rich and has caused inequalities to widen, according to the European Central Bank. Between 2010 and 2014, net household wealth fell by about 10 per cent across the eurozone, but the steepest declines were suffered by those with fewer assets and more debt, the bank […]


  • Trump Wants to Evict Press Corps from White HouseTrump Wants to Evict Press Corps from White House
    By Alan M. Milner Executive Editor, Tellus News Digest Most people don’t know this, but White House correspondents get to share offices and studios in the West Wing of the White House, something that has galled secretive presidents for generations. On the other hand, some presidents -and most notably Lyndon Baines Johnson – sometimes dropped […]


  • Corporal Punishment Banned in FranceCorporal Punishment Banned in France
    The French are sparing the rod. Child abuse was already illegal in France, but a new bill bans all corporal punishment. The “Equality and Citizenship” bill passed on Dec. 22, forbidding cruel, degrading, and/or humiliating treatment of children by their parents. The bill makes spanking a civil, rather than a criminal offense. A 2009 poll done by TNS-Sofres […]

  • As  a writer, you are probably accustomed to rejection, because that is the writer’s lot in life.  In How to Master the Art of Selling, by sales guru Tom Hopkins, the author of one of the best-selling self-improvement books of all time makes a single statement that, once internalized, helps anyone – not just salespeople […]