• St. Louis: Protesters Break Windows, Police Make ArrestsSt. Louis: Protesters Break Windows, Police Make Arrests
    The St. Louis Police Department faced off against 1,000 protestors on the third consecutive day of demonstrations following the acquittal of former officer Jason Stockley who was found not guilty in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith...
  • Computer Speed Tweaks for Windows 10Computer Speed Tweaks for Windows 10
    Windows 10 impresses in many ways, like the tight integration of voice control with Cortana, and the way the software adapts to fit both tablets and laptops. At the same time, it can't completely escape its past:

  • Trump Threatens to Obliterate North KoreaTrump Threatens to Obliterate North Korea
    US President Donald Trump has threatened to "totally destroy North Korea" if his country is forced to defend itself or its allies, but expressed hope that the move will not be necessary
  • Alabama, Florida State Highlight NCAA Football Opening WeekendAlabama, Florida State Highlight NCAA Football Opening Weekend
    Each year, the college football season begins with an epic affair and this year's opener should be a great one. The first weekend of the  season begins with the “Game of the Century,” as evenly matched No. 1 Alabama and No. 3 Florida State  face off in a  contest of titans Saturday night.
  • Why Prescription Drug Prices Are So HighWhy Prescription Drug Prices Are So High
    The public is angry about the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. Surveys have shown that high drug prices rank near the top of consumers’ health care concerns. What’s not as clear is exactly why prices have been rising, and who is to blame. For the last four months, The New York Times…
  • Emmys: Sean Spicer Makes Surprise AppearanceEmmys: Sean Spicer Makes Surprise Appearance
    Emmys host Stephen Colbert delivered a ton of jabs to President Trump in his opening monologue of this year’s award show. The host taunted the president many times, reminding the audience of several tweets he made about previous award shows. Colbert joked with previous Emmys host Seth Myers about the tweet Trump Sent.
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