• Election Projection: This may be the shortest election night in American history.Election Projection: This may be the shortest election night in American history.
    RepublishReprint The networks and the big web sites have refrained from calling elections until the polls close on the West Coast but, this year, there is such a clear demarcation between the strengths of the major candidates that the result will become obvious very early on….unless no one reports any results until all the polls […]
  • American Archaeologists Find ‘Solomon’s Palace’ in Modern IsraelAmerican Archaeologists Find ‘Solomon’s Palace’ in Modern Israel
    A group of American archaeologists claim they have discovered a palatial building dating all the way back to the King Solomon era in Israel. The monumental building was built over 3,000 years ago during the 10th century BCE in the royal city of Gezer, Israel’s Haaretz reported Wednesday. Although archaeologists haven’t found any evidence of […]
  • Suicide Bombers Target Shia Processions in BaghdadSuicide Bombers Target Shia Processions in Baghdad
    Suicide bombers attacked two Shia processions in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, killing at least 10 people and wounding more than 40, police and medical sources said. A bomber targeted a market in the Amil neighbourhood of southern Baghdad on Monday, killing at least six people and wounding 16. A similar attack hit a procession […]

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  • NASA’s Curiosity Rover Begins Next Mars ChapterNASA’s Curiosity Rover Begins Next Mars Chapter
    After collecting drilled rock powder in arguably the most scenic landscape yet visited by a Mars rover, NASA’s Curiosity mobile laboratory is driving toward uphill destinations as part of its two-year mission extension that commenced Oct. 1. The destinations include a ridge capped with material rich in the iron-oxide mineral hematite, about a mile-and-a-half (two-and-a-half […]
  • Spacecom May Seek $50M From SpaceX For Lost SatelliteSpacecom May Seek $50M From SpaceX For Lost Satellite
    Space Communications Ltd. — the Israeli company whose AMOS-6 satellite was on board the ill-fated Falcon 9 rocket that exploded at a Florida launch site Thursday — is seeking compensation from SpaceX for its loss. According to Reuters, the company may either seek $50 million or a free flight from SpaceX. “The rocket launcher belongs […]
  • How We Block Adblockers – and Our Take on Adblock EthicsHow We Block Adblockers – and Our Take on Adblock Ethics
    Ad blockers – and efforts to block the ad blockers – are big news on the Internet in a debate that pits publishers against the public, with the publishers wanting their advertising to be served to their readers, and a public that is increasingly displeased with the environment that paid advertising has created on the […]
  • Senate Races Begin to Open Up Across the CountrySenate Races Begin to Open Up Across the Country
    RepublishReprint With the election of Hillary Clinton now an almost foregone conclusion, attention is shifting to the United States Senate, where the Democratic Party has a real chance of regaining a working majority. Democratic Party supremacy in the Senate, however, is an absolute necessity for the prospective Democratic presidency because control of the Senate will result […]
  • How Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of ChinaHow Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of China
    Plenty of blue-collar workers believe that, as president, Donald Trump would be ready to fight off U.S. trade adversaries and reinvigorate the country’s manufacturing industries through his commitment to the Rust Belt. What they likely don’t know is that Trump has been stiffing American steel workers on his own construction projects for years, choosing to […]
  • Golf Legend Arnold Palmer Dies at 87Golf Legend Arnold Palmer Dies at 87
    The son of a Pennsylvania golf-course greens keeper, Arnold Palmer slashed his way through what had been a rich man’s sport with an ungainly, corkscrew swing once likened to wrestling a snake. He captivated golf audiences in the late 1950s and early 1960s, combining movie-star magnetism, devil-may-care swagger and an instinct for the nascent power […]
  • How D.C. Students Viewed Presidential DebateHow D.C. Students Viewed Presidential Debate
    As the barbs flew in New York between the presidential candidates, students in Washington DC watched on in a special viewing organised by euronews. Most of those present thought Hillary Clinton came out on top during the first TV head to head. While it depends on who you ask, the majority of post-debate polls also […]
  • The Humbling of Donald TrumpThe Humbling of Donald Trump
    “How are you, Donald,” Hillary Clinton said as she shook her opponent’s hand on stage at Hofstra University on Monday. She wasn’t going to use the “Mr. Trump” honorific like some sort of Apprentice contestant. Trump, of the other hand, asked her if Secretary Clinton was a good label and then slipped and used “Hillary” […]
  • Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Dies at 92Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Dies at 92
    Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, the leader of the 1970s Stop ERA movement, has died. In a statement posted on its website on Monday afternoon, her Eagle Forum said she died at her home in St. Louis surrounded by family members. She was 92. ‘Rest in peace, Phyllis Schlafly. Wife, mother, grandmother, author, lawyer, tireless voice […]
  • How Easy Is It to Spot a Lie?How Easy Is It to Spot a Lie?
    Michelle Ponto, Frontiers “Who broke Grandma’s favorite vase?” As you listen to a chorus of “I don’t know” and “Not me,” how will you determine the culprit? Conventional wisdom says, divide and conquer, but what does scientific research show us about questioning a group of people at one time? Unfortunately, very little. Dr. Zarah Vernham […]
  • Manifesto: What Tellus is AboutManifesto: What Tellus is About
    RepublishReprint Our goal is to create a venue where content contributors can publish high quality, professionally edited, and well documented articles on trending news stories, while leaving room for the kind of in-depth exploratory articles that will cast light on stories that are being manipulated by the mainstream media. The Tellus Corporate Model Tellus News Digest […]
  • Poll Politics and the Misleading of the American ElectoratePoll Politics and the Misleading of the American Electorate
    RepublishReprint The ancient, archaic AOL website is currently leading today’s news feed with an article reporting that Bloomberg has just published a poll indicating that Donald Trump now has a two point edge in the Florida presidential race. This is another example of chumming the waters with click bait designed to attract apprehensive voters from […]
  • Pat Riley Says Chris Bosh’s Career With Heat OverPat Riley Says Chris Bosh’s Career With Heat Over
    Miami Heat President Pat Riley said Monday that the team views Chris Bosh’s career with the team as over and that the team no longer is working toward his return. “We are not,” Riley said in his office at AmericanAirlines Arena. “I think Chris is still open-minded. But we are not working toward his return. […]
  • Top 10 Reasons For Emergency Room  VisitsTop 10 Reasons For Emergency Room Visits
    Across the U.S., 136.3 million people are taken for emergency room, or ER, visits every year, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Of these, over 40 million are treated for injuries and 2.1 million result in admission to the critical care unit. People visit the ER for a number of reasons including […]
  • Kim Kardashian’s Security Guard No Where to Be Found During AttackKim Kardashian’s Security Guard No Where to Be Found During Attack
    Before the Monday morning Paris gun attack, Kim Kardashian praised her security guard, Pascal Duvier, on Twitter. But things changed when she was held captive in husband Kanye West’s Parisian home. Her guard was not around to protect her, TMZ wrote in an exclusive report Monday. He was busy looking after her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian […]
  • How Corporate Concentration is Eroding American BusinessesHow Corporate Concentration is Eroding American Businesses
    ProPublica Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Comment Donate Cameron Cottrill, special to ProPublica The American Way President Obama promised to fight corporate concentration. Eight years later, the airline industry is dominated by just four companies. And you’re paying for it. by Justin Elliott, ProPublica October 11, 2016 Three years ago, the Obama administration unleashed […]
  • John Oliver Calls for Police AccountabilityJohn Oliver Calls for Police Accountability
    John Oliver is no stranger to law enforcement…or at least not to covering it on Last Week Tonight. Most recently, he delved into why police are so rarely held accountable for their actions, after earlier taking on civil forfeiture, police militarization, municipal violations and mandatory minimum prison sentences. While there have been thousands of fatal […]
  • The Feminine Mystique in the Year 2016The Feminine Mystique in the Year 2016
    PHILADELPHIA, October 4, 2016 – In 1963, Betty Friedan wrote “The Feminine Mystique”. That book would be considered by some as the catalyst for the second wave of US feminism. In the book, Friedan discusses the lives of select housewives in an attempt to support the claim women are not fulfilled by their roles as […]

  • RepublishReprint As a writer, you are probably accustomed to rejection, because that is the writer’s lot in life.  In How to Master the Art of Selling, by sales guru Tom Hopkins, the author of one of the best-selling self-improvement books of all time makes a single statement that, once internalized, helps anyone – not just […]