• Catalonia: Citizens Back “Yes” Vote for IndependenceCatalonia: Citizens Back “Yes” Vote for Independence
    Catalonia, a state in Spain, is looking to gain independence from the nation. A referendum will be voted on as to whether independence should be granted, but the Spanish government has already refused to acknowledge the results.
  • Gravitational Waves Illuminate Neutron Star CollisionsGravitational Waves Illuminate Neutron Star Collisions
    Thousands of scientists around the world are now making breakthroughs about the behavior of neutron stars and the origin of elements like gold and uranium from the first ever human witnessed collision of neutron stars.
  • Computer Speed Tweaks for Windows 10Computer Speed Tweaks for Windows 10
    Windows 10 impresses in many ways, like the tight integration of voice control with Cortana, and the way the software adapts to fit both tablets and laptops. At the same time, it can't completely escape its past...

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  • New York Yankees Rally Late, Even ALCS 2-2New York Yankees Rally Late, Even ALCS 2-2
    Gary Sanchez hit a tiebreaking, two-run double with one out in the eighth inning as the New York Yankees stormed back to even the American League Championship Series at two games apiece with a 6-4 victory over the Houston Astros on Tuesday.
  • Flue Shots: Why You Should Get One After AllFlue Shots: Why You Should Get One After All
    More than half of all the people in the U.S. choose not to get the flu vaccine every year. Some of them are just afraid of needles. Others are afraid that they might get sick from the vaccine itself...
  • ESPN Anchor Calls Trump a Racist via TwitterESPN Anchor Calls Trump a Racist via Twitter
    Jemele Hill, the 41 year-old co-anchor of the ESPN’s flagship SportsCenter program, set off a political firestorm a few days ago, when she tweeted out the comment, shown above, labeling President Donald J. Trump as a “white supremacist."
  • Politico Cartoon Ill-Timed, Offensive…But I’m Glad They Published ItPolitico Cartoon Ill-Timed, Offensive…But I’m Glad They Published It
    Politico, a news organization focused on politics, finds itself facing harsh criticism after posting a cartoon by Mark Wuerker that many have referred to as “tone-deaf.”
  • Salmonella From Pet Turtles Found in 13 StatesSalmonella From Pet Turtles Found in 13 States
    Salmonella enterica bacterium is a nasty little bug. It causes Salmonellosis, with symptoms like diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps, sometimes lasting for as long as seven days or more, and you can get it from almost anything you eat.
  • Scientists Expect Storms to be Bigger, StrongerScientists Expect Storms to be Bigger, Stronger
    Scientists say the devastating intensity of hurricanes such as Harvey is consistent with global warming trends -- rising seas, warming oceans, hotter air -- and warn of "bigger and stronger" storms to come.
  • Ivanka Trump Backs Scrapping Equal Pay MeasuresIvanka Trump Backs Scrapping Equal Pay Measures
    The White House, with the backing of Ivanka Trump, will end an Obama-era policy that would have required business owners to document how much they pay their workers cross-referenced by gender, race and ethnicity
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