Quick Start Instructions

Rules (Summary Version)

Publish at your own risk:  BindleSnitch does not accept responsibility for libel or copyright violations.  If you are sued for libel or copyright infringement, you're on your own.
Open Forum:  BindleSnitch was designed to be an open forum. We will not review or edit articles for content. We will not, however, tolerate pornographic content or images,  hate speech or cyber-bullying.
Free Agency: As a BindleSnitch contributor, you are an independent contractor and will be paid via 1099 disbursements. You are not an employee of BindleSnitch.
Editorial Prerogative: We reserve the right to change you headlines. We reserve the right to remove any article that does not adhere to our editorial standards

  • ENTER TITLE HERE: Headlines should be 38-66 characters. Use Headline Case from AP Style Guide. (Click Here for the BindleSnitch Style Guide)
  • MAXIMUM ARTICLE LENGTH: 1,500 words. (If your articles are more than 1,500 words, serialize them.) 
  • SUBHEADINGS: Use subheads to break up longer articles.
  • PARAGRAPH: Use this drop-down menu to highlight subheads. Use Heading 3 ONLY. Do not use headings in the body of your text. You can use bold to make certain words stand out.
  • ADD MEDIA: Use this button to insert images and video into your articles from your media library
  • ADD SLIDER: Do not use.
  • CATEGORY: Select ONE category from Group A.  The BindleSnitch Text Editor will not allow you to publish an article without a user category.
  • TAGS: Tags are the names of the individuals, publications, and organizations mentioned in your article and are usually proper nouns. The BindleSnitch Text Editor will not publish an article that doesn't have at least one tag.
  • SAVE DRAFT: Click this button to save edits as needed.
  • SET FEATURED IMAGE:  DO THIS LAST! The featured image appears on the home page next to excerpt from your article. It also appears at the beginning of your article ABOVE the headline.  The BindleSnitch Text Editor will not allow you to publish an article that doesn't have a featured image. Do not use a featured image in the body of your article.
  • PUBLISH: This button publishes your article.
  • REVIEW YOUR WORK: It is a "best practice" to always review your work. You can review your published article by clicking the View Post Button (Post updated. View post) located at the top of the page. This only appears after you have saved or published an article.
  • NEED TO REVISE AN ARTICLE? If you want to edit an article, click on the EDIT button at the bottom of every published article. (You can only edit your own articles.)
  • Guidelines for New BindleSnitch Members
  • How to prepare an article for publication
  • More detailed Step by Step Instructions.
  • Headline Writing Tips and Tricks 
  • Rules for Images
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