Carrie Fisher: Princess On and Off the Screen 0

Carrie Fisher didn’t just fight Darth Vader. She fought sexism. She fought ageism. She fought alcoholism, drug addiction, depression and bipolar disorder. She fought her critics. Fisher died Tuesday at age 60 after suffering a heart attack on Dec. 23. She’ll forever be remembered as a “Star Wars” princess, but Leia Organa was a fighter, because that’s what Carrie Fisher gave to her. When Han and Luke rescue her, she’s the one nonchalantly picking up a blaster and going to town on the Stormtroopers. When Jabba the Hutt puts her in a metal slave bikini when she’s trying save her man Han in “Return of the Jedi?” Well, Leia choked him out good. Fisher gave Leia her all, whether being feisty or fearless. As she told USA TODAY last year, “I carry her around and I know her better than anybody else … she’s mine. She’s mine!” And you, Carrie, were ours. Rest in peace.

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