Nine Very Good Reasons for Humans to Love the Sun


The sun is that star in the center of our solar system. This star is the most important source of energy for life on Earth. The sun assists in warming the earth, the photosynthesis of plants and is a benefit to people and animals alike. There are so many different benefits that the sun provides, including:

Mood Elevator

elevatorWhen the sun is shining, you can’t help but appreciate it. The sunlight elevates serotonin.This is the happy hormone of the human body. The more serotonin your body produces, the happier you are. Sunlight also stimulates the pineal gland within the brain. This regulates the cycles that help us to wake up or fall asleep.

Vitamin D

vit dVitamin D is essential to the human body. It helps maintain bone health, lowers blood pressure and works to help fight off the flu, to name just a few of its benefits. Because sunlight is absorbed through the skin and then converted into a state the body can use, make sure to get your minimum daily dose of this vitamin. About 30 minutes of sunlight exposure will provide you with this amount. However, eating foods rich in Vitamin D or taking a supplement if you are unable to spend that time in the suns rays can be just as beneficial. You can read more about this vitamin as a supplement here.


lightThere is nothing better than the natural light that the sun provides. Albeit there are many places that do not have the pleasure of the sun on a daily basis, especially in the northern states or countries, but when it does make an appearance it literally lights up the world. From helping to wake us up in the morning to shining bright at the peak of the day, the light from the sun is unlike any other.

Relieves aches and pains

painThe sun and the heat emitted warm the muscles of the body and help to ease stiffness. This can be of comfort to someone who is affected by conditions such as arthritis. When the body is cold, the muscles contract and expand forcefully and in fast bursts also known as shivering. This can be very harsh and distressing to your muscles. Your body naturally relaxes when it is warm and at a comfortable temperature. Bring on the sun.


energyWhen awoken by a natural element such as the sun, it can help you to feel much happier and positive therefore giving you more energy. You will feel as if you need less sleep if you are exposed to more sunlight and will have a bit of extra pep in your step too.


warmthWhether it is summer or winter, it is impossible to deny the sun provides us with warmth. In the summer, the sun literally warms up the earth and with the rising temperature, promotes plant growth and animal life to flourish. In the winter, the sun helps to melt snow and ice and provides a heated refuge in front of a sun-lite window or even within the confines of your vehicle.


Skin Health

skin2Although it is extremely important to protect your skin in the sun, the sun is a great way to help keep your skin healthy too. If you are suffering from acne or other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, your doctor may even prescribe (controlled) sun exposure to help or clear the problem area. Make sure that you don’t burn however as this will make it worse.

Weight Loss

weightYes, the sun can help you lose weight. Don’t get me wrong. If you are sitting on a beach chair popping snacks and sipping drinks, don’t expect to be shedding pounds. But the more Vitamin D you get, the more serotonin can rise in your system. This can help suppress your appetite and the happier you feel, the more you want to get out and do something!

The Sun Can Aid in Fertility

pregnantSunlight exposure reduces melatonin in your system therefore encouraging fertility. It can also increase the length of time in which you are able to have children. Because sunlight can elevate testosterone, the summer is prime time to make a baby. With so much goodness coming from the sun, it is easy to see why trying to get out when the sun is out is so vital. The sun provides different necessities and in different ways and there is nothing else like it.

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Nine Very Good Reasons for Humans to Love the Sun