Marriage Can Make You Crazy, But Reduce Risk of Dementia

PARIS, FRANCE – Marriage may test one’s sanity, but living into old age with a partner also lowers the risk of dementia, researchers said on Wednesday (Nov 29).

In a study covering more than 800,000 people, they found that walking through life alone increased the chances of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia by 40 per cent.

Being widowed after extended co-habitation also took a toll, boosting the odds of mental slippage by about 20 per cent.

“There were fairly well established health benefits of marriage, so we did expect there to be a higher risk in unmarried people,” said lead author Andrew Sommerlad, a psychiatrist and research fellow at University College London.

“But we were surprised by the strength of our findings,” he told AFP.

Couples living together without having formally tied the knot were still considered as being married for the purposes of the study, he added.

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