Corporal Punishment Banned in France 0

The French are sparing the rod. Child abuse was already illegal in France, but a new bill bans all corporal punishment.

The “Equality and Citizenship” bill passed on Dec. 22, forbidding cruel, degrading, and/or humiliating treatment of children by their parents. The bill makes spanking a civil, rather than a criminal offense. A 2009 poll done by TNS-Sofres reported that 67% of French parents reported spanking their children, while 82% of respondents were opposed to the ban.

Marta Santos Pais, a UN expert on the issue, applauded the bill in a statement. “It lays the foundation for a culture of respect for children‘s rights; safeguards children’s dignity and physical integrity; and encourages positive discipline and education of children through non-violent means.”

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