Facebook Adds 3,000 Staffers to Combat Violent Videos 0

Facebook now has 1.94 billion users, an increase driven by mobile growth, the company said Wednesday as it released another strong earnings report. But questions loom about whether the social network can adequately deal with some of the content posted by its growing audience.

The company reported $8 billion in revenue for its first quarter of 2017, but its success was overshadowed by an earlier announcement that it will nearly double the number of workers charged with monitoring Facebook Live videos. That hiring spree is supposed to boost efforts to catch violent live streams before they spread across the network.

Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg stressed the importance of creating a safe network in a news release on the earnings. “We’re continuing to build tools to support a strong global community,” he said.

Video, both live and in posted clips, is crucial to Facebook’s future as it looks to video ads to make up for an expected slowdown in revenue growth. But Facebook has had to grapple with the dark side of video as users widely shared several graphic videos on its network in the past several months — including a spate of live-streamed suicides, rapes and the real-time confessions of a man who posted a video of himself gunning down a Cleveland man.

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