CNN’s Jake Tapper Acknowledges Media Easier on Obama

CNN’s Jake Tapper says former President Obama benefited from a media industry that was “supportive” of him and reluctant to identify misleading information. Rolling Stone magazine sat down with the host of “The Lead” this week to talk about his career, the state of journalism in 2017, and his thoughts about covering President Trump.

Tapper mentioned Mr. Obama three times in the 1970 word article published by the Rolling Stone back in August of last year in an article that was focused mainly on Tapper himself and had very little to do with Tapper’s personal political agenda, if he has any.

The article is more interesting because of what it doesn’t say. Tapper says that President Obama said things that weren’t true and got away with it more often for a variety of reasons, beginning with the fact that the media was much more supportive with Obama then than they are with Trump now. The interviewer failed to nail Tapper down on specific occasions when Obama lied and got away with it. That would have been very interesting.

Click HERE to read the entire interview on Rolling Stone