NCAA Tournament: Get Ready for March Madness 0

The bracket is set. The arguments are underway. Selection Sunday is in the past. So let’s dive in. Here are 68 things you need to know about this 68-team NCAA Tournament.

1. The selection committee got the 68 teams right

The only serious debate for at-large teams came down to USC, Kansas State, Vanderbilt and Syracuse. Four teams. Three spots. Ultimately, the committee went with USC, Kansas State and Vanderbilt. And I believe those were the correct picks. So the right schools are in the field, I think.

2. And the No. 1 seeds are … fine

Villanova, Kansas and Gonzaga as top seeds were no-brainers. And North Carolinaas a No. 1 is also reasonable, I guess. It’s not the craziest thing about the bracket. But I still don’t get how the selection committee can spend all season talking about “total bodies of work” and then not recognize that Duke’s total body of work is better than North Carolina’s total body of work. The Blue Devils have more top-25 RPI wins, more top-50 RPI wins, the same number of sub-50 RPI losses, and a 2-1 record against UNC and a better strength of schedule rating. So I would’ve had Duke as a No. 1 seed over UNC. But whatever. Like I said, it’s not the craziest thing about the bracket. Wichita State is the craziest thing about the bracket.

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