USA Wins First World Baseball Classic Title 0

{By Ken Rosenthal,
Fox Sports}

His voice cracked. His voice always cracks at times like this, times of triumph and emotion and reflection. This would be the last time for any of that. And Jim Leyland got sentimental, because at his core, that’s who he is, always has been.

A few minutes earlier, he had held himself together saying almost the exact same words during the on-field ceremony at Dodger Stadium. But now, in the interview room, a reporter asked Leyland what it meant to cap off his career by winning the World Baseball Classic.

Leyland, 72. started off fine — “Well, I’ve been retired for three years, and I’m going to stay retired. That I can promise you.” Reporters around the room smiled; forever self-deprecating, that’s part of who Leyland is, too. But then he started to repeat what he said on the podium about managing Team USA, and his voice wavered.

“I had the honor of managing for our country. The coaches had the honor of coaching for our country. The players had the honor of playing for our country,” Leyland said. “But this is really about the men and women that serve our country. That’s who this is for.”

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