Tom Brady: ‘It’s How You Play, Not What You Say’

As the least-anonymous man of the bunch, Tom Brady offered a helpful tip to one of the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that hopes to upset him and the New England Patriots on Sunday.

“I think what I have learned for a long time is it’s how you play, it’s not what you say,” Brady said of Jalen Ramsey’s cheeky Super Bowl prediction on WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan show. “Everyone has different ways of handling things — players do, coaches do. We do what works for us, other players do what works for them. The game is going to be decided by who plays the best, not who hypes the best or speaks the best. He’s a really good player. I have watched a ton of film on him. He has a lot of strengths. He’s obviously very confident. That is reflected in how he plays. I am more concerned about how he plays opposed to what he says.

“I have never bought into any of those things. I know what our offense is capable of. We’re going to have to play really well to score points. Again, that just speaks to the hype and us really trying to stay focused on what we need to do. The better we stay focused on the more laser-focused we are on our target, the better I think we will play.”

And so it is that a weird NFL season has come down to this: Brady is hoping to make his eighth trip to the big game (which he has won five times), and we’ll forgive you if the other three quarterbacks who will play Sunday aren’t yet easily identifiable. There’s the Jags’ Blake Bortles (formerly known as the oft-maligned Blake Bortles), the Philadelphia Eagles’ Nick Foles and the Minnesota Vikings’ Case Keenum. As the Shooter McGavin parody Twitter account reminded us over the weekend, “A Nick Foles/Blake Bortles Super Bowl is still possible.”


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