Nigerian Military Accidentally Bombs Refugee Site 0

At least 46 “severely injured” people remain in a refugee camp that Nigeria’s military says it mistakenly bombed and they need urgent evacuation, the International Committee for the Red Cross said Wednesday.

“Patients are attended to in an open-air space in a precarious environment,” the aid group’s statement said, raising the possibility that the death toll could significantly rise.

A government official has told The Associated Press that more than 100 refugees and aid workers were killed in Tuesday’s bombing in a remote northeast region near the border with Cameroon. The Red Cross statement said an estimated 70 people were killed, plus at least six aid volunteers.

Nigeria’s military said it had been trying to target Boko Haram extremists. It is believed to be the first time Nigeria’s military has acknowledged making such a mistake in a region where villagers have reported civilian casualties in near-daily bombings targeting the Islamic militants.

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