Writers Wanted – No Experience Required

Ever notice how almost every employment advertisement you’ve ever read always included some version of “experience required?” The only exceptions to this rule appear to be jobs that no one wants in the first place.

Ever wonder how employers expect job seekers to gain the work experience they need to qualify for a job if no one is willing to hire them until they have acquired the experience that no one seems to want to give them the chance to get?

So do we. and that’s why we created the Tellus News Digest Apprenticeship Program.

The Apprenticeship Program is a 100 percent free of charge, ten-week, online writer’s workshop that offers you:

  • An opportunity to get published on a legitimate news platform alongside articles republished from a wide array of well-known publications
  • Step-by-step instructions in how to research, document, validate, and construct different types of articles
  • Live, online classroom instruction in everything from basic writing techniques through in-depth training in the rules that journalists work under in the real world
  • A unique system of live, online editing sessions designed to give you high quality feedback from professional editors and fellow students
  • In-depth training in self promotion and cross-marketing through social media
  • A usable employment credential for your resume (with a library of published articles to your credit!)
  • Opportunities to advance to trainer, editors, and management positions
  • Eligibility for our profit-sharing plan for contributors and editors

Why is this course free of charge?

That’s simple. We want more readers for our Tellus News Digest website. The best way to attract more readers is to create more original content. The best way to get more original content to train people who want to write professionally but have never had the opportunity to learn how.

What’s in it for us is a stream of original articles and a growing audience of readers. What’s in it for you is classroom instruction, workshops, high quality feedback and the opportunity to publish your writing alongside other professional writers. (Click here for a more detailed explanation of our marketing strategy.) 

The more original articles we publish, the more traffic we will get on our website. The more traffic we get, the more money we make from our advertising. The more money we make, the more money we can pay you. (Click here for a more detailed explanation of our profit sharing strategy.)  

We can’t promise you that you can  going to make a living as a writer….no one can do that and anyone who says otherwise is lying.  All we can guarantee is that you will be a better writer after you have completed the course. The rest is up to you.