Tellus News Digest is looking for writers, editors and illustrators who write well, have important things to say, and want to make a decent amount of money doing it.

We really don’t care what your political persuasions are….as long as you stick to documented facts.  You’re entitled to your opinions.  Readers are entitled to the facts.

You’re known by the company you keep, which means that you want your work to be published on a website surrounded by other articles of the same high quality.

The ONLY way to accomplish that objective to make sure that each article is vetted for accuracy, and professionally edited for style and content.

That’s why every article on Tellus News Digest is reviewed and edited by at least two editors. You get the final review of the finished product before it is published. No other “self-publishing” website (places like Twitter, Facebook, and Medium) does this. Free, professional editing service.

We want writers who can dig into a story and find the facts the others have missed.  We are nonpartisan, but you don’t have to be. We want your opinion pieces, but we may write our own rebuttals to your opinions if we disagree with you.

Here’s the secret sauce that will generate the traffic we need

It’s no secret that the online publishing business – as a business – is in a shambles. It is very difficult to get articles to go “viral” but unless they go viral, they don’t generate the hits needed to convert traffic into revenue.

However, we have a secret sauce that should enable us to generate enough traffic to produce sufficient revenues to pay contributors at least as well as the median average for a writer in America, which is around $36,000 a year.

McDonald’s doesn’t reveal the recipe for their secret sauce (mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, vinegar, salt, French dressing, minced onions and sugar), but we’re going to give you our recipe free of charge. Just don’t put it on a hamburger.

Our secret sauce is online network marketing, but it is network marketing with a difference. Unlike the Amways of the world, the only product that Tellus sells is advertising space. There are no products for you to buy (unless you want to advertise something yourself, for which special rates apply), nothing to resell, and you don’t have to cajole your friends into buying stuff. It isn’t a pyramid scheme, although it sounds like one, because we have a real product, a real audience, and real advertisers who are paying real money for our product.

How Our Secret Sauce Works

You, as an individual, have a personal network of anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand people. This network consists of the contents of your email address books, and the followers you have accumulated on your social media sites.

Let’s say that you have a total of 500 people in your personal network. If we have one hundred writers on board, and each of you added your personal network to our collective network, we would have a base audience of 50,000 people. Each of those people ALSO have a network that averages around 500 people. That brings the size of the EXTENDED network up to 25 million people! Sort of like compound interest, except with people. That’s enough people to enable us to promote our published articles into the “viral” stratosphere, and that’s when the number of hits translates into serious money from advertisers.

By combining your individual output of articles with the output of the other members of the Tellus community, you cross-pollinate your audience with other writers’ audiences. Your followers see their articles, and their followers see yours, because that how we have constructed the Tellus website to work. What this means is that you have a constantly expanding audience of readers. It also means more time on the site and that also increases advertising revenues. (Click here for more information about our marketing plan.)

There are caveats.  Many of you know many of the same people, so we might not actually end up with 25 million people. On the other hand, some people have extended networks that are much larger than the average of around 500 contacts.

Bottom line: if we only convert one percent of those people into readers, that gives us 250,000 hits on any given article.


That’s the goal. Here is the method of payment:

Unlike other publications, we have no paywall, nor do we solicit direct contributions from readers. We don’t even care how many readers you attract because our model is designed to take advantage of the synergy that is generated by all of the writers together. We rise or fall together.  Writing isn’t and shouldn’t be about competition but should be all about cooperation.

Each month, we will subtract the fixed operating costs and overhead from the gross revenues, and divide the remainder by the total number of words published that month. That gives us the per word payment rate for that month. We then total up the number of words in the articles submitted by each writer during the previous month and multiply that number by the word rate. That’s how much you will earn for that month. If Tellus makes money, you make money. If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.

Terms and Conditions

All articles are subject to review and rejection by the executive editors if they feel the article falls below our standards. All articles will be fact-checked and copyscaped to identify plagiarism and previously published articles. (We accept first use only.)  You must include working links to the sources cited in your articles. A minimum of three citations is required per article. You must provide one copyright-free primary image.  Additional copyright-free  images are optional but highly recommended. Each article will be reviewed for content by two senior editors, and every article will be copy-edited by one senior editor and one junior editor. You will also see the final version of each article before it is published to insure that integrity of your work has not been infringed upon. You have the right to withdraw any article before publication.

Here is the best part: You can still republish anything you publish on Tellus

In fact, that’s what we want you to do. Tellus only retains first use rights. You retain the copyright on your material and you are free to publish or reprint your articles as long as you include a credit line that admits the article was originally published on Tellus News Digest. In addition to that, we will show you how to automatically publish your articles to your own social media accounts and to the social media accounts of other Tellus contributors, and we also push everything we publish on Tellus to our own corporate social media accounts.

We KNOW what you’re thinking: why not do this myself?

Go right ahead, but it won’t work if everyone tries to do the same thing. That’s exactly what you’ve been doing on Facebook, Twitter, Medium and the other group publishing sites…trying to do this on your own, and it isn’t working, is it? You are putting in a lot of time and effort, but the vast majority of you aren’t making any money from your work. We know that because you are reading this article.

The corporations that own those other websites aren’t interested in you as a person, or even as a contributor. To them, you’re nothing more than a marketable commodity. They offer you the appearance (but not the reality) of a community, the prospect (but not the actuality) of attracting an audience, and the impression (but not the effect) of reaching people with your messages.

The reason that everyone can’t do this themselves is called diffusion. If everyone tries to do this themselves, you end up with a lot of little operations that won’t ever make any money because, by yourselves, you can’t generate the numbers that make websites profitable. That’s exactly where Tellus is at, but our bright idea is to share the revenue, to work collectively and grow together. Facebook doesn’t do that. Twitter doesn’t do that. No one else really does that, although some claim to.

Sure, we all hear the stories about the Facebook millionaires, and the other people who make fortunes as writers or search engine optimization consultants, but they mostly make money by selling their so-called secrets to other people, who then do the same thing. That’s a Ponzi scheme and, unless you get in on the ground floor, you’re going to get screwed.

Here, there is no investment.  We don’t want your money.  There’s nothing to buy.  There’s nothing to sell, but this only works when there is a group of people who are committed to working together for their common benefit.  This will work for one simple reason: we’re dividing the wealth (if there is any to divide) rather than hogging it for ourselves.


As a Tellus Contributor, you are an independent contractor. You will be paid as a 1099 contractor on a monthly basis, with payments net thirty days, which means you will receive payment for January in March.  As a 1099 contractor, you are responsible for your own quarterly tax payments, your own deductions, and you should take that into account in your financial planning.  As a contributor, you are personally liable for any instances of libel or plagiarism associated with your work.  All costs incurred during your pursuit of stories are your personal responsibility.  You retain all future rights to your published work. All published work will be permanently archived on Tellus News Digest.

Now, if you’re still interested, fill out the form below and we will set up an account for your use. You will receive an email with your user name and password, and some reading assignments to familiarize yourself with this environment.  If you cannot fill out the form, it is because you or someone else has used your computer to join Tellus. If this happens, email ME directly at a.milner@tellusnewsdigest.com and I will help you to get set up on Tellus.

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