Writers Wanted: Inquire Within

Which of these choices make more sense to you?

Option #1: The Social Media Sales Pitch

Wanted: Writers who are willing to spend their time and effort writing articles FOR NOTHING while the owners of this website earn literally billions of dollars per year by posting your articles online, generating income for them and their shareholders.

Option #2: The Tellus News Digest Sales Pitch

Wanted: Writers who want to work together to design, produce and market a highly visible website where you will be paid a percentage of the net profits equal to the amount of work you contribute as a Tellus Member. 

Who in their right mind would choose option number one over option number two?

Well, the chances are that, if you are on Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or almost any other social media website, you have already chosen the first option. You’ve been giving your work away for NOTHING to multi-billion dollar corporations that wouldn’t even exist if it were not for the content and the traffic that you – and people like you – provide.

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? What if you could continue to post articles on social media, engaging in the online dialogue AND have the opportunity to actually make some money while you are doing it?

We Think We Have a Better Idea: Our Secret Sauce

McDonald’s doesn’t reveal the recipe for their secret sauce (mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, vinegar, salt, French dressing, minced onions and sugar), but we’re going to give you our recipe for generating traffic free of charge. Just don’t put it on a hamburger.

Our secret sauce is online network marketing. Unlike the Amways of the world, the only product that Tellus sells is advertising space. There are no products for you to buy, nothing to resell, no investment (except time and effort) and you don’t have to cajole your friends into buying stuff. It isn’t a pyramid scheme, although it sounds like one, because we have a real product, a real audience, and real advertisers who are paying real money for our product.

The recipe for our secret sauce involves working together to promote each other’s work on social media by driving traffic to our own articles (we’ll show you how.) We believe that, while your followers are reading your articles, they will also be seeing other articles because that’s how we designed the website to work. So, by promoting ourselves, we are also promoting each other….and it won’t take any more time or effort than you are putting in now.

Getting Attention on the Internet

They used to say that time was money. It still is, but, increasingly attention translates into money. The more attention you attract, the more money you make in this communications environment.

In order to make money on the internet as a content creator, you need to generate traffic. Content generates traffic, traffic generates revenues from advertising. The more hits your websites get, the more money you can make…but the content has to be original and intriguing, and it has to be marketed correctly.

Maybe you’ve already tried everything you could afford to market your content and come up with nothing to show for your time and money. Maybe you’ve tried buying Adwords from Google, salting your articles with keywords that people are currently searching for, using search engine optimization techniques, sending bulk emails to potential readers, but nothing has worked because the deck has been stacked against you by the search engines themselves. Here’s How

There’s a better way to market content. Synergistic marketing, otherwise known as networking.

Network Marketing for Content Creators

The trick to getting attention on the internet is to force your articles to go “viral.” You’ve heard the term. It means that a given article, post or comment gets picked up and shared by a large group of people. When an article goes viral it breaks through the logjam and attracts the search engines to your articles.

Let’s say that, on average, each of our potential contributors has a total of 500 people each in his or her personal networks. These networks consist of your email address books, and the followers you have accumulated on your social media accounts.

If we recruit one hundred writers, and each of those writers added their personal networks together, we would have a base audience of approximately 50,000 people. Each of those people ALSO has a network that averages around 500 people. That brings the size of the EXTENDED network up to 25 million people!

Let’s say that we get just one-half of one percent of those people to read your article , which is the average response rate on direct mail advertising projects. That’s 125,000 “reads,” enough to push your article into the “viral” category, the number of hits that translates into serious money from advertisers. Those reads are worth around $4500 in advertising revenue. If we publish 100 articles per day (one article per day from 100 contributors) and just one of them gets those 125,000 reads, we would get annual revenues of $1,642,500, which would work out to $16,425 per contributor.

That doesn’t sound so great but, what happens if we get just two articles a day to go viral? Your annual income would double to $32,850…and so on and so forth. The mean salary for writers in the United States is around $38,000.

And here is the best part: every time an article on Tellus goes viral it increases the chances that other articles on Tellus will also go viral. We are creating a brand, not just publishing articles.

The Power of Synergistic Marketing

By combining your individual output of articles with the output of the other members of the Tellus community, you cross-pollinate your audience with other writers’ audiences. Your followers see their articles, and their followers see yours, because that’s how we have constructed the Tellus website to work. What this means is that you have a constantly expanding audience of readers. It also means more time on the site and that also increases advertising revenues.

Because of the way that Tellus was designed, we have active listings for up to 46 articles on the Home Page, each of which gets equal placement. That includes our 13 most recent articles plus the three most recent articles in each of 11 categories. Each of the 11 category pages has room for the 20 most recent articles in that category. Altogether, we have room for 266 active articles on full display. No other website has this copyrighted design. This means that your articles stay visible longer, which increases the synergy.

Unlike Facebook and other social media sites, which have broken up their massive memberships into literally millions of isolated little “communities,” everyone who visits Tellus sees the same stories in the same order. On Tellus, we’re all in the same community.

The Profit-Sharing Plan

Let’s be upfront about this: If there are no profits – and there are no profits right now – you get nothing .

Once there are profits – and there will be profits once we really get rolling – we will take the total revenues earned each month, subtract overhead and operating costs, and divide the net profits by the total number of words published on Tellus for that month. That’s gives us the per-word payment rate for that month. We then multiply that word rate by the total number of words you published during the month and that’s how much you will be paid….no if, ands, or buts about it. You could even get paid for the comments you post.

Your Role as a Tellus Member

Write good articles. Spend time on Tellus reading and commenting on other people’s articles. Post links to your articles (and other Tellus articles that interest you) on your social media accounts, and send out emails to your collected email lists whenever you post an article with links to your most recent Tellus articles. (We can also do this for you, if you prefer.)

Your Results May Differ

Of course, in actuality, some people may make much more than that, while others will make much less. It all depends on how much effort you put into your work. If you write one article a day, you will make more than someone who writes one article a week because your compensation will be determined by the number of words you write per month multiplied by the word rate for that month.

A Piece of the Action

Right now, Tellus is organized as a simple partnership. However, we are in the process of reorganizing into a Subchapter S Corporation. As a Subchapter S Corporation, we are allowed to have up to 100 partners, so we have decided to offer the first 98 members an opportunity to own a piece of the action. After two years of regular participation in the Tellus program, the first 98 people to reach that milestone will be awarded a one half percent ownership share in Tellus.

The Rest of the Story

There’s a lot more to the Tellus story. (This article used to be three times longer than it is now.) Read the articles listed on this page to learn more or CLICK HERE to sign up now.