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  • Alan M. Milner: PS: After writing this article, we went to Texas Roadhouse and had a very lackluster pair of hambu…
  • Sage Merlin: What about State of Play with Russell Crowe?…
  • Sage Merlin: Interesting but incomplete…
  • Alan Milner: For another aspect of this story, see my FACEBOOK article on the subject:…
  • Alan Milner: Robert and i talked about this idea, and I agree with him that the internet - and especially Facebo…

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  • Glyphosate Could Lead to Half of Children Having Autism by 2025
    Stephanie Seneff, a researcher who has published over 170 peer-reviewed papers related to such topics as autism, Alzheimer’s, nutrition and health, has warned that the effects of Glyphosate are so dangerous that one in two
  • Consumers Conned by Restaurant Rankings: True or False?
    Consumers are increasingly dependent upon second-hand recommendations from total strangers when deciding where to spend our money. Whether we refer to reviews posted online, or studies conducted by people who study market
  • Heidi Cullen is the Weather Channel’s Blame Changer
    Doctors, nurses, and public health officials agree: industrial carbon pollution threatens the health of Americans. With record-breaking heat, floods, droughts, tornadoes, and earthquakes on the rise, the evidence of climate
  • Et Cetera: The Catch-all Category for Everything Else
    Web designers have to think on many different levels at the same time. That’s another way of saying that we have to think of – and take into account – everything that can possibly go wrong before it
  • Required Watch List for News Junkies
    Films About the News If you’re a news junkie, or you are heading that direction, this list of films about the newspaper business should interest you.  These films capture the essence of what Americans –
  • Pennsylvania Army Depot Explosion Injures Three
    At least three people were injured Thursday in an explosion at a Pennsylvania Army depot that houses missiles and ammunition, officials said. The Franklin County Office of Emergency Management told Fox News three people
  • The WordPress Professional: Extracting Email Addresses
    I’ve been building websites since the early 1990s. That was long before WordPress appeared in 2003, so I was building websites with HTML, PHP, and a whole bunch of other packages I would rather not remember even if
  • Build-A-Bear Promotion Turns into Disaster for Company
    There is nothing like the teddy bear for people of all ages. Many use the stuffed toy to help them sleep at night or to help soothe their emotions when they are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. This has been the foundation
  • Why I Joined Tellus – and Why You Should
    Right off the bat, I have to tell you that Abraham Penziner is a pseudonym. I’m using a pseudonym, with the kind permission of Tellus executive editor Alan Milner, who hates pseudonyms, including his own, because I am
  • North Korea Takes Big Step Toward Denuclearization
    US president Donald Trump left experts baffled when he said North Korea had agreed to destroy a missile engine testing site after emerging from his summit with Kim Jong Un, but it now looks like North Korea is making
  • Supreme Court Voids Minnesota Ban on Voter Political Apparel
    States cannot completely bar people from wearing T-shirts, buttons or other apparel bearing political messages in polling sites, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Thursday in an important free speech decision striking down a
  • University of Chicago Eliminates SAT/ACT Requirement
    The University of Chicago will no longer require ACT or SAT scores from U.S. students, sending a jolt through elite institutions of higher education as it becomes the first top-10 research university to join the
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