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  • Can the U.S. Government Control Healthcare Cost?Can the U.S. Government Control Healthcare Cost?
    Quora Questions are part of a partnership between Newsweek and Quora, through which we’ll be posting relevant and interesting answers from Quora contributors throughout the week. Read more about the partnership here. Answer from Michael Lee, Public Policy Analyst: Why doesn’t the US government force the healthcare industry to slash costs? Aside from the more […]
  • One in Five Australians Victim of Revenge PornOne in Five Australians Victim of Revenge Porn
    One in five Australians has experienced some form of revenge porn, a new survey has revealed. The report shows that people from marginalized communities are particularly vulnerable to the abuse, which included not just the release of the sexual images, but also the capturing of photos without consent and so-called “sextortion,” or threats of sharing […]
  • Americans Divided on Right to Have Internet AccessAmericans Divided on Right to Have Internet Access
    Two-thirds of Americans believe access to the internet is a privilege, not a human right, according to a new survey published this week. The survey of 2,000 Americans, conducted by cybersecurity and digital privacy company AnchorFree, also found that 42 percent of people who view the internet as a privilege believe it is up to […]
  • Bookworms Are Friendlier Than Television WatchersBookworms Are Friendlier Than Television Watchers
    Growing up, those who preferred reading over watching television may have been mocked, but a new study suggests they now have the last laugh. The study found that individuals who enjoyed reading were genuinely nicer and more personable than their TV watching peers. Although the study couldn’t prove cause and effect, it does give you […]
  • How Much Does a Congressional Vote Cost?How Much Does a Congressional Vote Cost?
    For politicians, decrying money’s influence in politics is almost always a safe bet. Much of Donald Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ appeal in last year’s presidential election came from their attacks on money in Washington, D.C., with Trump promising to “drain the swamp” when elected. Overwhelming majorities consistently affirm to pollsters a belief that money has […]
  • How Crossing US-Mexico Border Became a CrimeHow Crossing US-Mexico Border Became a Crime
    By Kelly Lytle Hernandez, Associate Professor, History and African-American Studies, University of California, Los Angeles. It was not always a crime to enter the United States without authorization. In fact, for most of American history, immigrants could enter the United States without official permission and not fear criminal prosecution by the federal government. That changed […]
  • Former NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Commits SuicideFormer NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide
    Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez died after hanging himself in his prison cell Wednesday morning. Prison officials confirmed Hernandez’s death in a statement. Hernandez was serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd. He was acquitted of a double murder only days ago. Guards discovered the 27-year-old Hernandez in his […]
  • Study Finds 89 Percent of Trump Coverage Is NegativeStudy Finds 89 Percent of Trump Coverage Is Negative
    It would be hard for biased, negative news coverage of President Trump to get any worse. “As President Trump approaches the end of his first 100 days in office, he has received by far the most hostile press treatment of any incoming American president, with the broadcast networks punishing him with coverage that has been […]
  • Spain Arrests Suspected Russian Hacker on U.S. WarrantSpain Arrests Suspected Russian Hacker on U.S. Warrant
    Spanish police have arrested a Russian hacker accused of interfering in the 2016 presidential election at the request of U.S. authorities. Pyotr Levashov was arrested in Barcelona on 7 April on a U.S. computer crimes warrant, according to a spokeswoman for Spain’s National Court who wished to remain anonymous, the Associated Press reported. Levashov’s wife, […]
  • Trump Removes Bannon from National Security CouncilTrump Removes Bannon from National Security Council
    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has removed his controversial chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, from the powerful National Security Council in a staff reshuffle that consolidated the power of the White House national security adviser, H.R. McMaster. During the first weeks of his presidency, Trump was sharply criticized for authorizing his political adviser to attend […]


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