Democrats Are Idiots and Other Facts You Should Know 0

Here is a thought for you. Let’s say that the University of Alabama football team, currently ranked No. 1 in the nation, is headed across the state to play Auburn this weekend. On the way, the team bus breaks down. A whole group of boosters stop to see what is going on but, when the starting offensive linemen and linebackers ask for a ride, no one will take them. Those players never reach the game. Needless to say, Alabama loses and the football writers drop them from the No. 1 position in the polls.

A few days after the game was over, a bunch of Alabama fans are so outraged that they go back to Auburn and storm the field, protesting that their team did not win. They feel that this is totally unfair and that, somehow, the score of the game should be changed.

Sound like a ridiculous notion? Welcome to the Democratic Party. A group of people who did not show up at the polls to vote and then cried about it when their candidate did not win the election. They are like a group of football fans who could have done something that would have helped their team to win but, instead, decided that they would just whine afterward. This is the REAL Democratic Party.

Let’s Take a Look at the Numbers

Donald Trump received 400,000 fewer voters than Mitt Romney received in 2012…yet he still won the 2016 presidential election. What that tells you is that people did not flee from voting Republican but, instead, simply chose to stay home. It is true that Hillary Clinton, currently ahead by 1.7 MILLION votes,  is likely to win the popular vote but, in states where she needed people to come out for her like they did for Barack Obama, that did not happen.

democrats-electoral-collegeTrump is currently ahead in the electoral college vote 290-232. His win came because of three surprise victories – Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Clinton was favored to win all three of these states and, if she had, she would have the electoral vote 278 to 260 for Trump.  So why didn’t she win?

The truth is that many who came out to vote for Obama did not do so for Clinton. Whether it was apathy about the election or the fact that she did not turn out the base, she lost because Democrats did not come out to vote for her. Pundits are saying that it was white, blue-collar voters that cost her the election, but that is only a small part of why she lost.

In Wisconsin, Clinton lost by less than 25,000 votes. In the city of Milwaukee, Obama earned 332,000 votes in 2012. Clinton received 289,000. That is a difference of 43,000 people. If people in Milwaukee simply turned out to vote as they had four-years ago then she would have won that state. So, who is responsible for her failure to win Wisconsin? Democrats who simply did not come out to vote.

In Pennsylvania, President Obama reached out to blue-collar workers in the state, which make up 53 percent of the total electorate, and stomped Romney in 2012 by a total of 57-42 percent among these voters. This year, Trump won 52 percent of these voters to Clinton’s 45. She lost this state by a little over 55,000 votes, and this was the group that helped to do her in. Blue-collar workers in the state have traditionally voted Democrat, but they chose not to do so in this election.

That isn’t the whole story, however. In areas where Obama had sizable margins of victory in 2012 she did not receive the same kind of turnout. In Philadelphia, for example, Obama received 588,000 votes in 2012, while she received 560,000. While that is only half of what she needed to have won the state, it points out that those who failed to vote almost assuredly cost her the election. It was not that Trump received those 28,000 votes; those people simply didn’t vote.

Bill Clinton Is Smarter Than His Wife

In April, Bernie Sanders won the Democratic Primary in Wisconsin. This inspired former President Bill Clinton to tell his wife and her staffers that they needed to pay much closer attention to white, blue-collar workers in the state, a group who significantly supported him in his 1992 and 1996 elections. According to many reports, both his wife and her staff laughed at his suggestion, believing that they had this group locked in the general election.

democrats-bill-clintonWhile Bill Clinton has not been much of a husband, he continues to prove that he is one of the most astute people in politics. Sadly, his wife has none of his savvy. Hillary Clinton and Democrats figured that they had this group locked. How wrong they were.

The group that helped to turn this election were these blue-collar workers. Men and women who did not have degrees, were a part of unions, and were traditionally very pro-Democrat in the way that they voted. The six states where there was the biggest change in terms of voting for Trump over Clinton among this group of voters was in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Clinton only won Minnesota, and she barely accomplished that small feat.

Arrogance is what cost Clinton and the Democratic party this election. They didn’t just feel that they had this group in their pocket; they outright ignored them and paid the price. Clinton’s loss to Sanders in Michigan and Wisconsin should have been a clue to Clinton that she was not as popular in these states as she thought she was….and wasn’t.

The Same Old Game Plan Failed

On election night, former Obama aide Vance Jones came on CNN and touted that this election was a “whitelash” to the policies of the President, and that this was a racially motivated election meant “lash back” against Obama. To quote Jones directly,

“We’ve talked about everything but race tonight,” Jones said. “We’ve talked about income, we’ve talked about class, we’ve talked region. This was a whitelash, this was a whitelash against a changing country, it was a whitelash against a black President, in part.”

democrats-van-jonesFor eight years, anyone who did not vote for Barack Obama or support his policies without question was immediately labeled as a racist. This is the only real playing card that Democrats have left in their arsenal. Everything is about racism and prejudice. I have even heard close friends of mine boldly proclaim that “all Republicans are racist.”

Really? All of them?

This is why Democrats have proven to be even bigger idiots than one can imagine. Let’s start with Jones view on race for example. Unless Hillary Clinton underwent a Michael Jackson-like change to her skin tone, she is still white. A whitelash? How can there be a whitelash against a candidate who is white?

More importantly, when you play the race card over and over, it loses its meaning over time. They say that if you say something over and over people will believe it, but the truth is that when you say something over and over like this, it has no meaning after a while. People become desensitized to it.

Democrats have not learned from Godwin’s Law. This postulates that whenever a person in a debate refers to someone as a Nazi then they have lost the argument. The one throwing the insult has lost in the debate because they have no other argument to make than to throw out insults.

This is why Democrats will continue to lose. All they have is racism as their primary argument. This is why they lost the presidential election, had only mild gains in the House and Senate, and lost most state races. People are sick of hearing this.

The reality is that most people also know lots of people who are Republicans or who did not vote for Obama and they know that those people are not motivated by race. In response, they are turning against the Democratic Party because they realize that the group is the party of liars and false-labelers. They are offended for their friends, family members, and co-workers, and are not going to support a party that is stereotyping people they care about.

bernie-sanders-not-nomineeIn one statement, Jones typified exactly why Democrats are failing. He ignored all of the reasons that people gave for how they voted – class warfare, jobs, security, mistrust of politicians, the elitist mentality of the Democratic Party – and focused solely on race. The party is out of touch but, instead of doing some soul-searching to see what they need to do differently, Jones resorts to what Democrats do best, or worst in this case.

The Progressive wing within the Democratic Party is incredibly elitist. Bernie Sanders recognized it and called them out on it right away. They think that they know better and are convinced that they just have to tell people what to do and the people will listen. Sadly for Democrats, the people did listen and said they wanted someone else.

The Election Was Rigged

It is good to see that Democrats have a lot more in common with Donald Trump than they care to admit. Leading up to the election, Democrats were outraged when Trump claimed that the election would be rigged for Clinton to win, and that he may not accept the results.

democrats-donald-trumpDemocrats and the media were outraged by such a claim. For over a week, nearly every media outlet, including CNN, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, the BBC, NPR, and MSNBC and news publications, such as the New York Times, USA Today, the LA Times, and Newsweek, ran stories of how there has never been proof of any significant voter fraud in a U.S. election. They decried Trump as a crackpot and a whiner for even insinuating such a thing. Oh, how times change.

Following the election, New York University Professor Mark Crispin Miller openly accused the election results as rigged, explaining that the companies that make the voting machines have close ties to the Republican Party, so they must be rigging the election to make it so Republicans win.

In a poll conducted by ABC News, 42 percent of Democrats felt that the election was rigged. The same people who chastised Trump a week earlier for making such wild claims were now saying the same things he was.

Oh, Colin Kaepernick – How Representative You Are

At the start of the NFL season, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started a media buzz when he decided not to stand during the singing of the National Anthem before games. Kaepernick’s stated purpose was to protest the inequality that was occurring in the United States. Many were outraged by what they thought was his “disrespectful” actions, but many supported his right to exercise his First Amendment right.

democrats-colin-kaepernickKaepernick started a national conversation, and the election was his chance to help the country to put representatives into office who could bring about the change he was seeking. Sadly, the quarterback simply decided not to vote, determining that there was “no one worth voting for.” Idiotic? Absolutely, and this cost him a lot of his credibility with supporters.

If this was an isolated incident then maybe we could ignore his foolish choice but, following the election, tens of thousands began to hold nightly protests in large cities across the country. They were angered by the outcome and wanted to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Once again, there would be a lot of support for their decision to protest if they had actually voted first. In fact, several news reports have found that of the demonstrators that were arrested in Portland’s protests, at least half of them did not vote. So, they can spend hours out on the street each night expressing their outrage at the election results, but couldn’t spend 30-minutes to fill out and mail in their ballot? Idiots? No doubt about it.

This is the problem with Democrats. They don’t actually do the things that can make the change that they want. They just cry about it when they don’t get the result they wanted.

Now they have a  new tactic. Many are demanding that the electoral college representatives choose to cast their vote for Clinton instead of Trump. They are asking them to “fix” this terrible result so that the country would be all right again. Since these protestors couldn’t be bothered with making sure that they cast their own vote, they expect someone else to fix the problem for them.

This idea is beyond stupid. It is akin to those same fans who had the chance to help Alabama win the game now going to the football writers and demanding that they vote the Crimson Tide No. 1 despite the loss. Their point is true. If they had actually bothered to go and vote she would have won. What a shame that reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians or their time playing Grand Theft Auto kept them from getting to the polls and voting. It’s not their fault after all.

Let’s Face It; People Just Didn’t Like Her

When you get down to it, the reason that Hillary Clinton did not win was because she simply isn’t popular. This should be a message to the Democratic Party – when two-thirds of the country don’t trust your candidate, you need to find a different one.

democrats-hillary-clintonHillary Clinton is likely to go down as the biggest loser in the history of American politics. In 2008, eight years removed from a very successful presidency by her husband, then Senator Hillary Clinton opted to run for President. She lost to a senator that virtually no one in America had heard until that point. Eight years later, after barely beating out a guy who wasn’t even a Democrat to begin with, she lost to a guy who did everything he could think of to get in his own way.

The problem was that the Democrats were so obsessed with putting a woman in the White House that they didn’t care if that woman was terrible or not. They simply wanted a woman.

She wasn’t just a bad candidate; she ran one of the worst campaigns in the history of this country. Clinton and the Democrats ran thousands of hours of commercials to try to get her elected. The problem was that 99 percent of those commercials had one theme: “You simply can’t vote for that guy.” There was absolutely no explanation of what she would do in office. There was no ads about what she stood for. Just “don’t vote for him.”

While scare tactics can have great results in elections, when all you have to show for yourself is “I’m not the other guy,” no one is going to be excited about you as a candidate. This leads to a disinterested electorate who simply doesn’t care to go out of their way to go vote for you. That is exactly what happened to her.

Donald Trump may be obnoxious. He is very likely sexist and may even have some racism in him. However, he told America what he would do if he got into office, and his supporters were excited to see those things occur. They wanted their candidate to win. Most of Hillary’s supporters simply didn’t want Trump to win. They just weren’t going to do much to ensure he didn’t do so.

The election was a wake-up call for Democrats. Bernie Sanders heard it loud and clear. Sadly, many others didn’t. That is especially true in the media. Since Donald Trump was all that was being talked about on the majority of news stations, everything he did and every decision he made got covered while Clinton got ignored. Now, as his newly announced decisions seem to be sending the country into anarchy and chaos, the media has invigorated protesters with their “the sky is falling” rhetoric, with no real purpose left for the protests to achieve.

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led protests there was a clear goal – to end segregation and racist practices in the south. These post-election protests will do nothing. Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States. The Republicans control both houses of the Congress. The Electoral College is not going away. That is the reality, even if some are too stupid to see it.