Barack Obama: America’s Chief Hypocrite 0

There is a quote that gloats: “I don’t mind losing to a deserving winner, but winning to a jealous sore loser is more fun than eating homemade biscuits with cane syrup!” While Donald Trump is not a very appealing candidate for many out there, the truth is that the Democrats continue to prove why Americans didn’t want Hillary Clinton as their president. The Democratic Party is not only the party of whiners, but their head whiner, Barack Obama, has now earned a new title: America’s Chief Hypocrite.

Let’s flash back for a moment to October, when Donald Trump was claiming that the election was rigged and that he would not be surprised to lose. To support his claim, he used a quote from America’s Chief Hypocrite when he was running for president in 2008.

Speaking in Ohio, the soon to be ex-president said: “Well, we got Democrats in charge of the machines.” Obama also said during that 2008 exchange: “But look, I come from Chicago, so I want to be honest, it’s not as if it’s just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past. Sometimes, Democrats have to, too.”

Clinton was quick to attack Trump on his claims that the election might be rigged against him, calling them “horrifying.” One of Clinton’s campaign aides went even further. Robby Mook was quoted as saying: “Campaigns should be hard-fought and elections hard-won, but what is fundamental about the American electoral system is that it is free, fair and open to the people. Participation in the system — and particularly voting — should be encouraged, not dismissed or undermined because a candidate is afraid he’s going to lose.”

It is understandable that a candidate who was absolutely sure that she was going to win would challenge any such claims of fraud. Clinton wanted to make sure that no one would challenge her legitimacy as the elected president and “baseless” comments of a rigged election would certainly do that. This is understandable.

It is even understandable for the sitting president to want to dispel any fears that people may have. However, that was not all that Barack Obama did. The president wanted to make it clear that not only were the elections free from tampering, but he challenged Mr. Trump to simply shut up about his allegations.

In an October press conference, the president was quoted as saying: “If you start whining before the game’s even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose you start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job because there are a lot of times when things don’t go our way or my way.”

So, anyone who would claim that the election is rigged is a whiner? Or maybe they are only a whiner if they claim it before the results are in, but they are perfectly free to do so afterward? Interesting.

At least we know now that Clinton was not qualified to be president because, according to Obama, one who starts blaming everyone else doesn’t have what it takes for the job. Thank you Mr. President for making it clear why Hillary Clinton didn’t win.

The Shoe Is on the Other Foot

Following the election, Jill Stein and her Liberal supporters challenged the results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, claiming that the Russians must have hacked the vote counting systems to ensure that Trump would win, something that virtually every news outlet in the country assured the American public was not possible.

When Trump first made his claims, nightly news programs, newspapers, and the cable news stations all ran feature stories on how safe the voting system is. CNN historian and Rice University professor Douglas Brinkley called Trump’s claims “anti-democratic” and “anti-American,” and proclaimed that Trump’s assertions were “bogus.”

Several secretaries of state from around the country, including John Husted from Ohio, explained that there was no way that the elections could be rigged. Husted challenged the president-elect, stating, “I can assure Donald Trump that I am in charge of elections in Ohio, and they’re not going to be rigged. I’ll make sure of that.”

Despite the assurances that there was no possible way that the election could be rigged from the president on down, petitions to challenge the votes in the three states began, although the ones in Pennsylvania and Michigan were later halted. However, in Wisconsin, not only did the recount prove that Trump still won the state, but he gained 162 more votes than was originally reported. Rigged? Really?

The Russians Did It

Following the election, Progressives were quick to blame everyone possible for the election results. It was racism. It was sexism. It was James Comey. It was everything but the fact that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate who ran a lackluster, arrogant campaign.

Now, the Democrats have a new target – the Russians. Last week, the president boldly proclaimed that the Russians were hacking into systems so that they could, at best, sway the election and, at worst, change the election results entirely.

A conclusion made by U.S. intelligence agencies reported that the Russians were hacking organizations and individuals, which included the Democratic Party, and that this was an attempt to undermine the election process. They further concluded that the purpose was to ensure that Donald Trump was named the next president.

The president went a step further, explaining that Russian President Vladimir Putin was directly responsible for the program. Obama explained that in a September meeting with Putin at the G20 Summit that he warned the Russian President to “knock it off” in talking about the Russian hacking or there would be “serious consequences.”

This requires a little examination. In October, the president responded to a question of whether there could be any rigging of the election by calling Trump a “whiner.” He further stated that “no serious” person would ever make such an assertion that the presidential elections were somehow rigged and that anyone who would do so was “not fit for the White House.” (So Barack Obama should not have been president.)

That was October, however, he claims in September that he was “aware” that the Russians were attempting to substantively alter the U.S. elections and that he had informed Donald Trump that this was true. So, Trump’s claim that there could be some rigging of the elections were true! The Chief Whiner even admits it now.

In late October, Vice-President Joe Biden was on the show of ultra-liberal Chris Matthews where he said, “We’ve always had that element in every election. The difference is we’ve never had the head of a great party saying that it is rigged.” What a difference a month makes. Not only do we have one person from the Republican Party, but now the entire Democratic Party including the party’s presidential candidate and the sitting president!

Russian Attempts Prove to Be Successful

While not providing any kind of support for their claim, intelligence agencies, including the CIA and FBI, have asserted that they have proof that the Russians attempted to alter the elections. They were summoned by Congress two weeks ago to address the issue behind closed doors, but refused to do so, so America has reason to be skeptical of these claims from what are becoming very partisan agencies, something that should be of even greater concern to Americans.

Members of Congress from both parties agree that attempts were being made to influence the election. Republicans, despite victories in the House of Representatives, Senate, and the White House, have been wise enough to realize that an American election should never be influenced by any foreign nation. It does not matter if their party benefitted or not. They have called for hearings to look into the matter despite the stonewalling by the NSA, CIA, and FBI.

According to several news outlets, most notably CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times, the Russians wanted Trump in power because they feared Clinton as president. This is a ludicrous assertion. She would have likely followed the policies of Barack Obama. All that has happened in his eight years as president is Russia took over Crimea, invaded eastern Ukraine, helped keep Assad in power in Syria, and has become the most feared nation to the United States. Clearly, Putin has not been afraid of Obama and he would not have been afraid of Clinton.

According to these intelligence agencies, the purpose of this hacking was to create turmoil among the electorate and to ensure that the next president would have a real challenge attempting to govern. Well, mission accomplished. The Russian goal was not to keep Clinton out but to make it impossible for either of the two candidates to govern. If Clinton had won she would be facing the same problems that Trump is facing now.

Sore loser Democrats have tried everything short of an armed rebellion (and don’t rule that out yet) to keep Trump from entering the White House as the 45th President of the United States. They attempted to get the Electoral College to change their votes. That failed. Now, liberals, like Michael Moore, are already pushing for the idea of impeachment. They want to impeach a guy who hasn’t even taken office. How out of touch are the members of this party?

Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats are looking for any answer as to why they lost the election beyond the fact that their candidate was unlikeable, untrustworthy, and uninspiring. The assertions that the Russians caused her to lose is just another example of this. It is clear that the Russians want an unstable United States and progressives have helped to make that happen. If they are so worried about Russian influence in America maybe they should focus their attention on helping to make America better and not more divided. That is what Barack Obama asked all of them to do following the presidential election. Too bad he has reversed course since then.

Barack Obama is a hypocrite. America’s Chief Hypocrite to be honest. He mocked Trump for his assertion that the election could be rigged, and now seems to totally support the idea. Clearly the words out of his mouth have nothing to do with his actions. As proof, all one has to do is look at his advice this week to Trump not to use Executive Orders. Can America believe anything Barack Obama says?

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