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  • Trump Threatens to Obliterate North KoreaTrump Threatens to Obliterate North Korea
    US President Donald Trump has threatened to "totally destroy North Korea" if his country is forced to defend itself or its allies, but expressed hope that the move will not be necessary
  • Lack of Zoning Regulations Contributed to Houston’s ProblemsLack of Zoning Regulations Contributed to Houston’s Problems
    The absence of zoning regulations in America's fourth largest city allowed Houston to grow without considering how that growth would affect the city during extreme weather events as growth limited the city's ability to handle storm waters.
  • The Truth Hurts: Sanders Voters Helped Trump Become PresidentThe Truth Hurts: Sanders Voters Helped Trump Become President
    Bernie Sanders supporters switched their allegiance to Donald Trump in large enough numbers last November to sway the election for the real estate billionaire, according to an analysis of voter data released Tuesday by the blog Political Wire. Since Trump’s shock victory over Hillary Clinton, much discussion has focused on the degree to which passionate […]
  • Defense:  75% of Top Pentagon Posts are Still VacantDefense: 75% of Top Pentagon Posts are Still Vacant
    Dozens of top jobs in the Pentagon have yet to be filled by President Donald Trump’s administration, with 74 percent of key Defense Department posts remaining vacant as tensions between the U.S. and North Korea escalate. Despite the president’s fiery rhetoric on tackling problems in North Korea and ongoing security concerns over international terrorism, his […]
  • Eric Trump Wants Republicans to Fight for DadEric Trump Wants Republicans to Fight for Dad
    Donald Trump’s son Eric has lamented the lack of support his father appears to get from the ranks of the GOP, and wants them to fight for the president. Speaking with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Eric Trump said he wanted to see more support for the president on issues including healthcare, after the Senate […]
  • NPR Annual Tweeting of Declaration of Independence Triggers ProtestsNPR Annual Tweeting of Declaration of Independence Triggers Protests
    National Public Radio (NPR) was just following tradition when it started tweeting the Declaration of Independence on July 4, but little did the station know it was stirring up revolutionary sentiment. On the first Independence Day of the Donald Trump presidency, the declaration’s fiery language of revolt against tyranny inflamed the spirit of those who […]
  • Bernie’s Followers are Taking Over Democratic PartyBernie’s Followers are Taking Over Democratic Party
    Visit one of Donald Trump’s rallies across the country in 2017, and you will still find red “Make America Great Again” hats lending color to muted bleachers and screaming fans. At the same time, blue posters and t-shirts with the words “A Future to Believe In” continue to flood arenas every time Bernie Sanders steps […]
  • Marco Rubio Dismisses Trump’s ‘Witch Hunt’ ClaimMarco Rubio Dismisses Trump’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Claim
    Days after President Donald Trump called the probe into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history,” Republican Senator Marco Rubio said the investigation is in fact legitimate. “I wouldn’t use the term witch hunt,” Rubio said during an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State […]
  • Government Funded With Little for Trump AgendaGovernment Funded With Little for Trump Agenda
    WASHINGTON — Congressional negotiators reached a bipartisan deal late Sunday to fund the federal government through September, easing the threat of a shutdown but denying President Donald Trump several key priorities — including money for his promised border wall with Mexico. The estimated $1 trillion omnibus package would provide $12.5 billion in increased military funding, […]
  • Trump’s UN Envoy: Russia ‘Certainly’ Involved in ElectionsTrump’s UN Envoy: Russia ‘Certainly’ Involved in Elections
    President Donald Trump’s envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Russia was “certainly” involved in the U.S. presidential election, noting she does not trust Russian President Vladimir Putin and that Trump is not stopping her from “beating up on Russia.” In an interview with ABC News broadcast on Sunday, she said despite the ongoing […]


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