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  • How Drug Use Affects Brain, Makes Relapse LikelyHow Drug Use Affects Brain, Makes Relapse Likely
    A dance with the devil. That’s how 33-year-old Elizabeth Mooney describes her struggle with drug addiction, recalling the “little voice” that repeatedly overpowered her mind after she had been in recovery, once for as long as three years. She knows the consequences of using again, yet she’s relapsed five times. The desire became “stronger and […]
  • Trump Orders Tomahawk Missile Attack on SyriaTrump Orders Tomahawk Missile Attack on Syria
    PALM BEACH, Fla. — The U.S. military launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield on Thursday, President Donald Trump’s first major military action since taking office. The strike, which hit a Syrian airfield in Homs province at 4:40 a.m. local time Friday (8:40 p.m. EDT Thursday), was launched from the destroyers USS Porter […]
  • Trump Removes Bannon from National Security CouncilTrump Removes Bannon from National Security Council
    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has removed his controversial chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, from the powerful National Security Council in a staff reshuffle that consolidated the power of the White House national security adviser, H.R. McMaster. During the first weeks of his presidency, Trump was sharply criticized for authorizing his political adviser to attend […]
  • Common Cause President: Nunes Can’t Investigate the Russian ConnectionCommon Cause President: Nunes Can’t Investigate the Russian Connection
    The White House is doing plenty to undermine the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race. The last thing we need is the chairmen of the congressional committees charged with investigating the attacks helping the Trump administration subvert their own investigations. But that is the situation we find ourselves in and why an […]
  • Trump’s 2005 Tax Return Proves Nothing NewTrump’s 2005 Tax Return Proves Nothing New
    The copy of Trump's Form 1040 released by Rachel Maddow on her 9 P.M. MSNBC program last night turned out to be another case of "much ado about nothing" because Form 1040 is a summary of an actual tax return and we needed to see the details, not the summary.
  • The Smoking Gun Unveiled: Trump’s Russian ConnectionsThe Smoking Gun Unveiled: Trump’s Russian Connections
    {Alan M. Milner, Tellus News Digest} The Washington Post is reporting evidence that Attorney General Jeff Sessions LIED to Congress on several occasions when asked if had any contact with members of the Russian government either before or after the election. On at least two occasions, the Washington Post has confirmed that Sessions did meet […]
  • Fact Checking Trump’s First ‘Solo’ Press ConferenceFact Checking Trump’s First ‘Solo’ Press Conference
    News organizations – including some labelled as “fake news” outlets by freshman president Donald J. Trump – are having a field day fact checking President Trump’s first “solo” press conference, and there’s a lot for them to gloat over. Some are even calling it the first “fact free” press conference. The Washington Post – often […]
  • Twitter Users Are Pleading: ‘Stop President Bannon’Twitter Users Are Pleading: ‘Stop President Bannon’
    There are at least thousands of people who don’t believe President Donald Trump could really be behind the executive order that blocks immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations and turns away Syrian refugees fleeing war and destruction. Instead, they’re pointing to a likelier suspect—Trump strategist Stephen Bannon—and want him stopped. RELATED: Trump aides say the immigration […]
  • Alec Baldwin to Join Michael Moore in NYC Inauguration ProtestAlec Baldwin to Join Michael Moore in NYC Inauguration Protest
    Alec Baldwin will be standing outside Trump Hotel in New York City the night before the inauguration, and it won’t be a “Saturday Night Live” skit. The actor, who portrays President-elect Donald Trump on “SNL,” which again prompted Trump to trash the show on Twitter following Saturday’s show — will join Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo […]
  • Sea Ice Levels At Record Lows On Both PolesSea Ice Levels At Record Lows On Both Poles
    They are quite literally poles apart but both the North Pole and the South Pole have something unfortunate in common at the moment: They are both seeing the lowest levels of sea ice since modern record-keeping began. News about the Arctic sea ice being at its lowest level ever for this time of the year […]

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