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Article titles should be no less than 38 characters and no more than 58 characters.  There is a minimum of four works and a maximum of 12 words to a headline.

Articles must be at least 500 words and should not exceed 2,000 words. If your article exceeds 2,000 words, break up the article into parts one and two.  As a general rule, readers usually quit after five hundred words.

Do NOT write directly into the form. Write your articles offline, save articles with the same file name as the title of the article, then copy and paste them into the form. Do all of your editing before you copy and paste, but do not format the articles because you will lose all of the formatting.  Do the formatting AFTER you paste the article. Insert hyperlinks AFTER you have paste the article.

You are limited to ONE category per article. You may only use the categories that are in the A list: Business, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyles, Media, Politics, Science, Sports, Technology, U.S.,  Uncategorized, and World.  Use Uncategorized only when you are stumped aout where the article belongs. The category determines which section of Tellus your article will appear.


A TAG is usually a proper noun, meaning the name of a person or an organization.  You may have up to eight tags, and each tag MUST refer to a person or an organization mentioned in your article. Tags are searchable and are used to attract search engines. Use Headline case, and separate tags with commas.


Each article must have a Featured Image. The featured image appears next to the blurb for your article on the Home Page and on the Category pages. The Featured Image also appears at the beginning of your article. Featured images must be royalty-free or your own work product and should be in a four/three ration.  Minimum width is 600 picas.

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