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  • Alan M. Milner: PS: After writing this article, we went to Texas Roadhouse and had a very lackluster pair of hambu…
  • Sage Merlin: What about State of Play with Russell Crowe?…
  • Sage Merlin: Interesting but incomplete…
  • Alan Milner: For another aspect of this story, see my FACEBOOK article on the subject:…
  • Alan Milner: Robert and i talked about this idea, and I agree with him that the internet - and especially Facebo…

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  • Facebook Using Downvote to Flag Bad Comments
    Facebook downvote button is being tested by the social networking giant, and the same has been made available to a few users. The button is not used on the posts, rather its objective is to flag
  • How Hacked Sex Robots Could Murder People
    Artificial intelligence researchers warn of the security risks posed by internet-connected robots which could be hijacked by hackers and used to cause harm or even kill people, a cybersecurity expert
  • Facebook Messenger Kids Comes with Parent Controls
    Facebook on Monday unveiled a version of its Messenger application for children, aimed at enabling kids under 12 to connect with others under parental supervision.
  • Solar Windows Could Provide 40% of US Electrical Power
    Solar could grow even faster if we were to incorporate transparent solar harvesting devices into windows thatcould deliver up to 40 percent of the United States electrical power
  • Computer Speed Tweaks for Windows 10
    Windows 10 impresses in many ways, like the tight integration of voice control with Cortana, and the way the software adapts to fit both tablets and laptops. At the same time, it can't completely
  • SpaceX To Launch X-37B For First Time
    SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket for the US military Thursday, carrying the X-37B spaceplane to orbit for its fifth mission. Liftoff for the OTV-5 mission occurred at the first attempt, with a T-0
  • Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ Missile Defense System Becomes Reality
    Ronald Reagan is owed an apology. In 1983, President Reagan gave a speech in which he called for the development of a missile-defense system. The project was called the Strategic Defense Initiative,
  • Russia Hit Hard in Global Ransomware Attack
    The White House and federal cybersecurity officials scrambled over the weekend to grapple with a “ransomware” cyberattack that hit 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries, according
  • Air Force Unveils Super Secret Robotic Spacecraft
    On Thursday, after a successful morning launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the X-37B headed yet again to the vital real estate known as low Earth orbit, home to the International Space
  • SpaceX Launches Prototype Internet Satellite Network
    A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with a pre-flown first stage successfully delivered to orbit today (Feb. 22) the first two prototypes for the company’s huge Starlink satellite-internet constellation,
  • Big Brother in the Workplace: Implanted Access Chips in Sweden
    {By Alan M. Milner, Tellus News Digest} Epicenter, a Swedish incubation center for start-up companies, is injecting microchips into volunteer employees that enable them to pass through security
  • Here Is How to Protect Your Internet Privacy
    Harm mitigation in a suddenly less secure internet Christiaan Colen via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0 An Old Browser Logo Internet Service Providers were an integral part of privacy online. No longer, thanks

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