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  • How Hacked Sex Robots Could Murder PeopleHow Hacked Sex Robots Could Murder People
    Artificial intelligence researchers warn of the security risks posed by internet-connected robots which could be hijacked by hackers and used to cause harm or even kill people, a cybersecurity expert has warned.
  • Facebook to Launch Messenger Chat App with Parental ControlsFacebook to Launch Messenger Chat App with Parental Controls
    Facebook on Monday unveiled a version of its Messenger application for children, aimed at enabling kids under 12 to connect with others under parental supervision.
  • Solar Windows Could Provide 40% of US Electrical PowerSolar Windows Could Provide 40% of US Electrical Power
    Solar could grow even faster if we were to incorporate transparent solar harvesting devices into windows thatcould deliver up to 40 percent of the United States electrical power requirements...
  • Computer Speed Tweaks for Windows 10Computer Speed Tweaks for Windows 10
    Windows 10 impresses in many ways, like the tight integration of voice control with Cortana, and the way the software adapts to fit both tablets and laptops. At the same time, it can't completely escape its past...
  • Google Chrome Makes Web Surfers Want to Catch the WaveGoogle Chrome Makes Web Surfers Want to Catch the Wave
    Search harder, better, faster. Do more with Google Chrome. Google Since this clean, bare-bones browser first saw the light of day in 2008, Google Chrome has steadily grown in popularity. Today, it enjoys the largest share of the browser market. In the process, it has developed significantly, from a simple Windows-only platform to an all-purpose […]
  • SpaceX To Launch X-37B For First TimeSpaceX To Launch X-37B For First Time
    GEOINT: In news sure to rock the launch industry, the mighty United Launch Alliance today failed to be named as the company launching the X-37B spaceplane. Instead, Elon Musk’s SpaceX will carry it for the first time, marking what is believed to be the company’s heaviest national security launch to date. The Air Force announced […]
  • Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ Missile Defense System Becomes RealityReagan’s ‘Star Wars’ Missile Defense System Becomes Reality
    $244 million to destroy a dummy under ideal conditions. Interceptor Launched A ballistic missile interceptor is launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Missile Defense Agency Launching a missile is easy. Hitting another missile with a missile is one of the hardest challenges of modern military engineering, and has been for decades. Today, the […]
  • Russia Hit Hard in Global Ransomware AttackRussia Hit Hard in Global Ransomware Attack
    Russia has confirmed its Interior Ministry was targeted by a global cyber-attack using hacking tools reportedly created by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). Tens of thousands of computers across almost 100 countries were targeted in a global cyber attack on Friday, with universities, the British health service and major companies such as FedEx all […]
  • Air Force Unveils Super Secret Robotic SpacecraftAir Force Unveils Super Secret Robotic Spacecraft
    As for what it does? That’s still unspecified. X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle The X-37B is just 29 feet, 3 inches long, with a wingspan an inch shy of 15 feet. DoD photo courtesy of United Launch Alliance The Air Force has a secret space robot called the X-37B. We know this because the Air Force […]
  • SpaceX to Launch  Internet Satellite NetworkSpaceX to Launch Internet Satellite Network
    Elon Musk’s SpaceX says it will begin launching Internet-providing satellites in 2019. The move was announced Wednesday by SpaceX vice president of satellite and government affairs, Patricia Cooper, in testimony before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. She said the company eventually plans to field 4,425 small satellites into low Earth orbit by […]


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