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Tellus AdRenovator Utility

The Pros and Cons of Adblocking

There are pros and cons to blocking ads, but there are also pros and cons to circumventing adblockers.  Let’s take a look:

The Benefits of Ad Blocking

  1. Eliminates intrusive, offensive advertising that distracts you from the task at hand
  2. Reduces the risks of having your system infected with a virus or other trojan program
  3. Makes it more difficult for ad servers to assault you with advertising pegged to your browsing habits
  4. Minimizes technological intrusions on your right to privacy

The Drawbacks to Ad Blocking

  1. Ad blocking disproportionately affects smaller, less commercial websites by cutting into their advertising revenues to an extent that often cripples the website operator’s ability to do business
  2. This has an adverse effect on the diversity of data available through the internet, and increases corporate control and censorship over the contents of the internet
  3. Increased use of adblockers will inevitably result in a net loss of knowledge as more and more websites – including some of the most important ones – are forced hide their content behind a “pay wall,” which exacerbates the growing inequality of access to information. 

The AdRenovator Difference

  1. AdRenovator is different because it allows website operators to insert their own, locally hosted advertising (as well as affiliate advertising from companies like Amazon) without breaking your adblocker’s ability to block advertising on sites that are not responsible about their use of advertising.
  2. AdRenovator automatically screens out the more obnoxious forms of advertising – the ones that take over your browser and demand your attention by running video clips and other annoying techniques – because they simply won’t run on AdRenovator (as far as we know) 
  3. AdRenovator returns the locus of control over – and the responsibility for advertising content to the website’s own management, rather than relegating the management of their ad campaigns to third parties.
  4. Because AdRenovator is a not an automated system, it guarantees that website operators actually sees and approves of the advertising carried on their websites.


When you step up to the plate and decide to manage your advertising campaigns instead of relying on a third party advertising aggregator, you immediately run into the problem of how to control your advertising inserts.

There’s actually a very easy way to do this…and you don’t even need our advertising widget to do it.  The AdRenovator widget only creates static advertisements, but you can use almost any slider widget to achieve the same effect.

We use the Huge IT Slider program to manage our advertising insertions. The two techniques are very similar but, in actuality, we are now using the slider for most of our insertions. 

Here’s the rule to use:  If you want to post a specific advertisement in a specific location, use our AdRenovator widget.  If you want to set up an advertising rotation, use the IT Slider.  Here’s how you do that:

  1. Install the IT Slider from Wordpress
  2. Select (or create) the advertisements you want to install in the rotation
  3. Save the IMAGES for the advertisements to your media library
  4. Pick up the images from the media library from inside the IT Slider
  5. Attach the correct URL link to the advertisement in question to each image in turn
  6. Name and save the IT Slider
  7. Use the IT SLIDER by inserting the short code for that slider wherever you want it to appear.
  8. Adjust the timing of the slider switches to conform to the average page view time on your site.
  9. Do not insert more than TWO IT sliders per page. The slider will slow down your page load times and too many sliders in view at the same time will screw with the attention span of your readers.


The Tellus Adrenovator Plug In Utility, as the saying goes, is not sold in stores. If you want it, you have to get it from us.  It is free of charge, but each copy is customized for exactly one domain name, so no “sharing” please. 

Just send us an email to, wait 24 hours (weekdays only) you will get the Adrenovator utility and another set of these instructions. 

If you like Adrenovator, tell everyone else. If you don’t, just tell us and we will fix it.

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