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Tellus News Digest is offering an online writer’s workshop that will teach you how to write publishable news style articles in our unique online teaching system. Polish up your basic writing skills to the professional level with live, online editing sessions, feedback, comments, and constructive criticism. The course is 100 percent free of charge…and your finished articles may be published on our website, making you eligible for our profit-sharing plan for contributors and editors.

It takes years for most people to learn how to write.  We can teach you to write better in just ten weeks by revealing the tricks of the trade that most writers learn the hard way…by trial and error.

Well, that’s really the only way you can learn to write, but we can make the process much faster by giving you access to high quality feedback from professional writers and editors who will coach you in one-on-one editing sessions….and it is all free of charge.

Why is it free of charge?

That’s simple. We want more readers and writers for our Tellus News Digest website and we figured that the best way to attract more readers and writers is to train people who want to write professionally but have never had the opportunity to learn how.

What’s in it for us is a stream of original articles and a growing audience of readers.  What’s in it for you is high quality feedback and the opportunity to publish your writing alongside other professional writers.

The more original articles we publish, the more traffic we will get on our website. The more traffic we get, the more money we make from our advertising. The more money we make, the more money we can pay you.

Take the first step. Sign up for the next class.