The Tellus Prequalification Process 0

These are the steps in the PRE-QUALIFICATION PROCESS  you will go through to become a Tellus Member. We said it would be free. We didn’t say it would be easy.

  1. SIGN UP for the apprenticeship program. (If you are reading this, you have probably done this already. If you haven’t done this step, click here to sign up for the apprenticeship program, but PLEASE don’t do this twice!)

  2. SET UP your working environment. (If you haven’t done this step yet, please click here to complete this step.

  3. REQUIRED WATCHING:  This is the fun part. We are going to assign you to watch a group of films that illustrate how the newspaper business works. Each one presents the way that newspapers operate in a slightly different fashion.  You will be asked to keep a “critic’s notebook” in which you will record your observations and reactions to these films. (Click here to complete this step AFTER you have watched the films.)

  4. REQUIRED READINGS: We will ask you to read and comment on a group of articles that we have put together that describe the process of gathering and reporting the news. You will be asked to comment in depth on each of these reading assignments.

  5. EDITORIAL ASSIGNMENT: In order to qualify for  the apprenticeship program, you must read and comment upon any 50 articles that have been published by Tellus News Digest.Your comments will be analyzed and evaluated by our editorial team.In order for your comments to count, they must be well-written, show good English grammar, make a point about the article you are commenting on that demonstrates you have actually read the article and expresses your positive or negative reactions to the article. NOTE:  Whenever you submit a comment on an article, begin your comments with the words “Tellus Contributor.” That’s how we will know to pay special attention to your comments.

  6. READER REPORTS When you have completed your 50 articles, you must send us an email listing the 50 articles you have read. We will review your comments and, if we think you are qualified, we will send you an invitation to the next scheduled workshop.

When you have completed these six steps, pre-qualified candidates will receive invitations to join the next workshop. If we don’t think you’re ready yet, we will suggest some additional self-study work to improve the areas that need improvement.

Now, if you are STILL interested  (WE NEVER SAID IT WOULD BE EASY,)  please click here to continue to the overview of the Apprenticeship program.