Basic Requirements for Program Participants 0

Every educational program has prerequisites.  In order to enroll in the Apprenticeship program you must have all of the following resources:

Gmail Account

Of course you already have an email account, but we are going to recommend that you get a free Gmail account because we use a number of Google Documents products and it makes it easier for everyone if you have a gmail account. well, and because we think you will want to keep your Tellus activities separate from your personal email.  When you set up your Gmail account, your email address must have your full name (first and last name) and the letters TND, like this If that address is taken, try or TNDJohnSmith.

Click HERE to Get a Gmail account now.

Skype Account

Skype is a software program that allows us to have live, interactive conversations through your computers…and allows us to “share screens.” This means that we can have real live sit-down editing sessions during you can watch us editing your articles. Great learning tool.

We use Skype extensively in our online classes, so you really must have Skype installed on your machine. Skype is free to use

Skype can get a little tricky, so follow these instructions carefully. When you click on the link to the Skype sign-up page (below), use your brand new Gmail address, invent a password that you can easily remember, UNCHECK the box that says you want Microsoft to send you promotional emails, then click on the next button to complete the process.  Make sure you write down the Skype “handle” that you will be given when you sign up.

Once you have your Skype account, you also get a free phone number….but that number will only works for incoming calls. For just $6.99 a month you can get a very useful telephone number that allows to make and receive calls from your computer.  That’s a great deal cheaper than the cheapest cell phone contract

Click Here to Get Your Skype Account.


Part of your training will involve learning how to find, modify or simply create images to match your articles. This is a very important part of your marketing program because articles with photographs or other art work draw much more attention. If you already have a Adobe Photoshop or some other image editor, you can use that. If you don’t have Photoshop, we strongly recommend that you download a free copy of Gimp. Gimp has a very steep learning curve, but we can help you learn how to use the most important features.

Headset (Optional but Recommended)

We also recommend that you have a noise cancelling computer headset because you will be participating in online discussions. Without a headset, we will all be listening to the background noise from ten or 12 different environments, which makes it very difficult for us to hear each other. You can get a decent headset for under $20 and we strongly recommend that you get one.