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  • Hurricane Maria heading toward Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as Category 5Hurricane Maria heading toward Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as Category 5
    Hurricane Maria continued on its track toward the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Tuesday morning, hours after leaving behind a scene of devastation in Dominica where it ripped off rooftops on the small Caribbean island
  • Idiot President Wants Internet ‘Cut Off’ After London AttackIdiot President Wants Internet ‘Cut Off’ After London Attack
    President Trump quickly reacted to the explosion on a London subway train Friday that police are treating as an act of terrorism, tweeting that the internet should be "cut off" because of
  • Haj Draws Millions to MeccaHaj Draws Millions to Mecca
    Saudi officials say almost two million pilgrims have arrived from abroad for the annual haj. The pilgrimage, which starts officially on Wednesday, is a once-in-a-lifetime duty for every able-bodied Muslim who can afford the journey. Is safety an issue? Yes. The world’s largest annual gathering of
  • Hokkaido: Residents React to North Korea Missile LaunchHokkaido: Residents React to North Korea Missile Launch
    0.00 Sirens and alarms in Hokkaido saying “Missile passing” and “Missile apparently has passed above. Stay away from unknown objects.” Residents of Japan’s northernmost island received so-called ‘J-Alerts’ on their mobile phones to warn of North Korea’s latest missile launch. 0.14
  • Taliban responds to Trump’s Afghan strategyTaliban responds to Trump’s Afghan strategy
    The Afghan Taliban has warned Donald Trump is “wasting” American soldiers’ lives after the US president approved sending thousands more troopsto the war-ravaged country. MORE TO THIS STORY… Trump vows US will keep fighting in Afghanistan Afghan ambassador to US lauds
  • ISIS is Now Using Drones in BattleISIS is Now Using Drones in Battle
    The Islamic State (IS) group is using drones rigged with munitions in the battle for the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa, a FRANCE 24 team inside the jihadist group’s highly dangerous self-proclaimed capital discovers. While entering Raqqa from the eastern side, past dusty, desolate neighbourhoods,
  • North Korea Must Pay Massive Price for Otto Warmbler MurderNorth Korea Must Pay Massive Price for Otto Warmbler Murder
    Otto Warmbler in North Korean custody North Korea captured and brutalized Otto Warmbier for doing nothing more than holding American citizenship. After more than a year as a hostage in a comatose state, Otto was returned to his parents. He died on Monday. North Korean officials murdered Otto.
  • ISIS Staged Attack Kills 12 in TehranISIS Staged Attack Kills 12 in Tehran
    ISIS claimed responsibility for a couple of terror attacks on the symbolic sites on Tehran’s parliament and at the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini. It’s Ramadan, radical Islamic style, once again. IRNA, the state-run news agency, reported two security guards killed and 30 or so wounded.
  • Putin Vows to ‘Eliminate’ Threat If Sweden Joins NATOPutin Vows to ‘Eliminate’ Threat If Sweden Joins NATO
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed deep opposition to the idea of Sweden joining NATO, calling its potential membership of the U.S.-led alliance a “threat” that would need to be “eliminated.” “If Sweden joins NATO this will affect our relations in a negative way because we
  • Tax Dollars Funded Manchester BomberTax Dollars Funded Manchester Bomber
    Police say Salman Abedi, the terrorist who targeted mostly women and children at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, used government dole-outs and low-interest education loan dollars to fund his suicide bomb plot. Abedi had thousands of British pounds in his possession before the terror hit;


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