Riot in Brazilian Prison Leaves Dozens Dead 0

A 17-hour uprising at a prison in Brazil claimed the lives of at least 56 prisoners over the weekend, state-run media agency Agencia Brasil reported Monday. Bodies were thrown over the wall of the complex, and at least six people were decapitated, the news agency reported.

The revolt started Sunday afternoon as part of a rivalry between two criminal organizations at the Anisio Jobim Prison Complex in the city of Manaus, Agencia Brasil reported, citing Sergio Fontes, the public safety secretary for the state of Amazonas. Violence erupted on Sunday between incarcerated members of the the Familia do Norte (FDN) and the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) groups. The riot lasted for more than 17 hours.

The FDN controls drug trafficking and the “inside of prison complexes,” according to state media. Fontes said that the riot started over control of the drug trade behind the prison walls. “They weren’t fighting because one is called one thing and the other one is called another. They are fighting for money,” he said.

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